|Mini Tutorial: Envelope Pillow Cover|

A while back a lovely customer was browsing our store looking for some westernish type fabric for her baby in the oven. After selecting a few good ones she asked if I knew anyone who could sew a mattress cover for a bassinet and a pillow for a rocking chair – I instantly thought ‘ME!’

Her idea was simple and I plugged away.

I thought it would be best to make them removable {slipcovers} so that she can wash them at her discretion since it will be in baby’s nursery.



In making the baby’s new pillow, I decided ‘why the heck not make one for our house too?’

 So I did.

And I would like to give you a mini tutorial in how to make a darling little 12×12 pillow cover yourself.


a 12×28 piece of fabric of your choice {I used Echino Scooters Yellow}

coordinating thread

your very own, super rad, label {optional}

12×12 in. pillow form {I got mine at a local craft/fabric store for under $3!}


Mark your fabric at 8 inches in on the longest edges, both ends

Press each short end 1/4″ in and hem

Fold your fabric right sides together at your 8″ markings. There should be about a 3 1/2″ overlap for the backside of your pillow.

Pin in place and sew the seams with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Use pinking shears or a serger to prevent fraying.

Turn right side out, poking the corners out

{OPTIONAL: Sew or iron on your label for a personal touch}

Fill with pillow form

Echino and Kokka are my favorite fabrics ever. They are so modern and hip – and totally compliment my funkyness!

I will be making some more of these and listing them in my shop as well as going pillow crazy in the house. I might adorn Bry’s room with tons of throw pillows and floor pillows and…..

It will be a cushy house in no time.


In case you want to make bigger pillows, here are fabric measurements for all standard pillow sizes:

12″ Pillow – Fabric 12″ by 28″
14″ Pillow – Fabric 14″ by 32″
16″ Pillow – Fabric 16″ by 36″
18″ Pillow – Fabric 18″ by 40″
Marking measurements for all standard pillow sizes:
 12″ pillow – mark your fabric 8″ in on the longest edges, both ends.
14″ – pillow mark your fabric 9″ in on the longest edges, both ends.
16″ – pillow mark your fabric 10″ in on your longest edge, both ends.
18 ” – pillow mark your fabric 11″ in on your longest edge, both ends.


Two Seven

Today was my 27th birthday. Twenty seven on the 27th!

It wasn’t much of a celebration, but I definitely felt the love from family and friends all through out the day.

The love actually started on Thanksgiving when I went over to my Mom’s for turkey dinner. Every year she makes me a funfetti birthday cake {yes, every year, even still!} and this year, at my request, she baked me funfetti cookies! She didn’t have any candles so she just took a lighter, held it over a cookie, and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. Rad.

For my present, she bought me a cute little clasp wallet that has my initial embroidered on it. She also got me a Cake Pops baking set!! This is what it is:

Pretty amazing since I love to bake. I’ve always wanted to make my own version of cake pops and now I can!

Another great birthday happening was Richard parents taking me out to dinner at an Italian restaurant in town. Its a little hole in the wall place we always drive by and smirk at, but it was amazing! Favorite restaurant in town. His sister and niece came too, which was a pleasant surprise, and they got me a berry pie that was to die for!

Bry and I ready to go out for dinner

After we got home, Bry baked me a cute little cake from her new Easy Bake Oven ❤

Two of my favorite gifts this year are a pair of antique tailoring scissors {which work wonderfully} from Richard

And a painting by Bry herself!

Three more years left till I’m thirty. Hmmm, spelling it out doesn’t look so bad….

30. Ew.

Cyber Monday Madness Project

Monday is all the rave right now with the words “Cyber Monday” flowing out of everyones mouth and we are definitely participating in it. Now, I won’t delve what my work is offering exactly, but you can head over to our blog to find out {it’s not posted, yet, but keep checkin back}.


I am currently working on a project for this “Cyber Monday” event and I wanted to share some of my process with you.

I’m making my make-up cases out of our new line of fabric From Monaluna – Circa 52 for Birch fabrics. Oh my-my it is so darling!

Exterior fabric: Tree Stripes Shroom

Interior: Pebble Lines Aqua

Think these are cute?! Check out the entire Circa 52 line!

Now with the process of making these, since there are so many {16}, I decided to put together an assembly line and do each of them one step at a time instead of making one at a time.

Thats 64 square cuts of fabric and 16 zippers!

Assembly line of pieces

Finished product!

I did half of what I needed to do tonight and will finish the other half tomorrow night. I feel very fortunate that I can make these babies lickety-split or I’d still be sitting at my machine instead of sharing this with you 🙂

|Craft Time: Earring Holder Tutorial|

We decided to move my little ‘sewing area’ into the spare room and completely turn that into our office. Richard will now edit photos entirely in there as well as use one wall as a small studio space and I will now sew, cut, craft, and brainstorm entirely in there as well; though I am blogging this from the couch sitting next to him while we watch Stan Lee’s Super Human show on Nettflix.

In moving all my sewing supplies, table, machine, etc. I decided that I would reorganize everything once again. I came across some picture frames that I scored at the Goodwill for super cheap that I plan on using for a current art project. I don’t plan on doing much with this project so I took one of the frames and got an idea after looking at a fabric scrap left over from a canvas artist roll up brush case – make an earring holder. It’s really simple to make if you have the right stuff. Here I’ll give you the jist of it all and how to make one for yourself.

Materials Used:

{1} 5x5in frame, but you can use any size frame you want to fit your needs

{1} piece of scrap fabric, lace, or any other pierceable material cut to size – make sure the fabric shows only in the frame

{1} staple gun

{1} hammer


Take the glass insert out of the frame and detach the back {the part that allows you to stand the frame up on a table or mantle} so you just have the frame itself.

Place the fabric across the back of the frame making sure the right side of the fabric is showing in the front of the frame.

Staple the four corners of the fabric to the frame, stretching the fabric at each corner before you staple.

Next place several more staples in, stretching the fabric as you go along.

Hammer the staples in all the way so theyre flush with the frame and dont stick out.

Trim any fabric that shows if necessary and trim fabric around the hanger hardware so you can hang it on the wall.

Put your earrings in, hang it in your bathroom, bedroom, hallway, or wherever, step back, and admire!

See, super easy! And it really only took me 5 minutes, including the idea popping into my head!

{Thanks Richard for letting me use the staple gun and hammer, even though you had a questioning concern in your voice when I asked you where they were}

 ~All tutorials posted can be found in the Tutorials section above.

Quick Little Project

I feel incredibly fortunate to work in a creative environment. Surrounded by amazing gals and amazing fabric makes my day so much easier to get through, no matter how many orders of fabric need to be cut.

In working there, there are some perks and being able to get fabric for cheap is totally rad, yet equally dangerous. Every week I come home with new fabric for projects I want to work on. A lot are still sitting on my “to-do” shelf or are tucked away in my stash piles, but today I was able to bring home some scraps of some great fabrics for two much needed projects.

First I picked up was from the Khristian A. Howell Woodlands collection: Woodlands Main in White.

My daughter wanted that for a pencil case as a birthday present. Usually I line any bag I make with muslin because it cuts down on costs and it goes with just about anything, but when I am making something custom for Bry, I tend to get super flashy and actually line things with coordinating fabric! Here is what I lined her pencil case with:

Khristian A. Howell’s Woodlands Woodgrain Teal.

I added a little bit of my own label to it {she likes to tell everyone in her class that her mom makes and sells things and has her own label!} and finished it with a coordinating zipper. It turned out super cute!

Another project I’ve been wanting to complete is a little travel make-up case for my purse. I always have my lipsticks, lotions, chapsticks, concealer, etc. floating around getting lost and for as many make-up cases that I make, why I don’t have one for my purse is beyond me. So I whipped up this little baby using some new fabric at work by Lotta Jansdotter’s collection Echo.

Spring Buds Yellow

For the interior I used Small Spring Buds Yellow

It definitely is exactly what I need!

And holy cow, isn’t this fabric amazing! I want to make a maternity skirt out of it so badly. Another project on my “to-do” list….