|Craft Time: Earring Holder Tutorial|

We decided to move my little ‘sewing area’ into the spare room and completely turn that into our office. Richard will now edit photos entirely in there as well as use one wall as a small studio space and I will now sew, cut, craft, and brainstorm entirely in there as well; though I am blogging this from the couch sitting next to him while we watch Stan Lee’s Super Human show on Nettflix.

In moving all my sewing supplies, table, machine, etc. I decided that I would reorganize everything once again. I came across some picture frames that I scored at the Goodwill for super cheap that I plan on using for a current art project. I don’t plan on doing much with this project so I took one of the frames and got an idea after looking at a fabric scrap left over from a canvas artist roll up brush case – make an earring holder. It’s really simple to make if you have the right stuff. Here I’ll give you the jist of it all and how to make one for yourself.

Materials Used:

{1} 5x5in frame, but you can use any size frame you want to fit your needs

{1} piece of scrap fabric, lace, or any other pierceable material cut to size – make sure the fabric shows only in the frame

{1} staple gun

{1} hammer


Take the glass insert out of the frame and detach the back {the part that allows you to stand the frame up on a table or mantle} so you just have the frame itself.

Place the fabric across the back of the frame making sure the right side of the fabric is showing in the front of the frame.

Staple the four corners of the fabric to the frame, stretching the fabric at each corner before you staple.

Next place several more staples in, stretching the fabric as you go along.

Hammer the staples in all the way so theyre flush with the frame and dont stick out.

Trim any fabric that shows if necessary and trim fabric around the hanger hardware so you can hang it on the wall.

Put your earrings in, hang it in your bathroom, bedroom, hallway, or wherever, step back, and admire!

See, super easy! And it really only took me 5 minutes, including the idea popping into my head!

{Thanks Richard for letting me use the staple gun and hammer, even though you had a questioning concern in your voice when I asked you where they were}

 ~All tutorials posted can be found in the Tutorials section above.

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