Quick Little Project

I feel incredibly fortunate to work in a creative environment. Surrounded by amazing gals and amazing fabric makes my day so much easier to get through, no matter how many orders of fabric need to be cut.

In working there, there are some perks and being able to get fabric for cheap is totally rad, yet equally dangerous. Every week I come home with new fabric for projects I want to work on. A lot are still sitting on my “to-do” shelf or are tucked away in my stash piles, but today I was able to bring home some scraps of some great fabrics for two much needed projects.

First I picked up was from the Khristian A. Howell Woodlands collection: Woodlands Main in White.

My daughter wanted that for a pencil case as a birthday present. Usually I line any bag I make with muslin because it cuts down on costs and it goes with just about anything, but when I am making something custom for Bry, I tend to get super flashy and actually line things with coordinating fabric! Here is what I lined her pencil case with:

Khristian A. Howell’s Woodlands Woodgrain Teal.

I added a little bit of my own label to it {she likes to tell everyone in her class that her mom makes and sells things and has her own label!} and finished it with a coordinating zipper. It turned out super cute!

Another project I’ve been wanting to complete is a little travel make-up case for my purse. I always have my lipsticks, lotions, chapsticks, concealer, etc. floating around getting lost and for as many make-up cases that I make, why I don’t have one for my purse is beyond me. So I whipped up this little baby using some new fabric at work by Lotta Jansdotter’s collection Echo.

Spring Buds Yellow

For the interior I used Small Spring Buds Yellow

It definitely is exactly what I need!

And holy cow, isn’t this fabric amazing! I want to make a maternity skirt out of it so badly. Another project on my “to-do” list….


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