Cyber Monday Madness Project

Monday is all the rave right now with the words “Cyber Monday” flowing out of everyones mouth and we are definitely participating in it. Now, I won’t delve what my work is offering exactly, but you can head over to our blog to find out {it’s not posted, yet, but keep checkin back}.


I am currently working on a project for this “Cyber Monday” event and I wanted to share some of my process with you.

I’m making my make-up cases out of our new line of fabric From Monaluna – Circa 52 for Birch fabrics. Oh my-my it is so darling!

Exterior fabric: Tree Stripes Shroom

Interior: Pebble Lines Aqua

Think these are cute?! Check out the entire Circa 52 line!

Now with the process of making these, since there are so many {16}, I decided to put together an assembly line and do each of them one step at a time instead of making one at a time.

Thats 64 square cuts of fabric and 16 zippers!

Assembly line of pieces

Finished product!

I did half of what I needed to do tonight and will finish the other half tomorrow night. I feel very fortunate that I can make these babies lickety-split or I’d still be sitting at my machine instead of sharing this with you 🙂


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