Two Seven

Today was my 27th birthday. Twenty seven on the 27th!

It wasn’t much of a celebration, but I definitely felt the love from family and friends all through out the day.

The love actually started on Thanksgiving when I went over to my Mom’s for turkey dinner. Every year she makes me a funfetti birthday cake {yes, every year, even still!} and this year, at my request, she baked me funfetti cookies! She didn’t have any candles so she just took a lighter, held it over a cookie, and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. Rad.

For my present, she bought me a cute little clasp wallet that has my initial embroidered on it. She also got me a Cake Pops baking set!! This is what it is:

Pretty amazing since I love to bake. I’ve always wanted to make my own version of cake pops and now I can!

Another great birthday happening was Richard parents taking me out to dinner at an Italian restaurant in town. Its a little hole in the wall place we always drive by and smirk at, but it was amazing! Favorite restaurant in town. His sister and niece came too, which was a pleasant surprise, and they got me a berry pie that was to die for!

Bry and I ready to go out for dinner

After we got home, Bry baked me a cute little cake from her new Easy Bake Oven ❤

Two of my favorite gifts this year are a pair of antique tailoring scissors {which work wonderfully} from Richard

And a painting by Bry herself!

Three more years left till I’m thirty. Hmmm, spelling it out doesn’t look so bad….

30. Ew.


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