|Mini Tutorial: Envelope Pillow Cover|

A while back a lovely customer was browsing our store looking for some westernish type fabric for her baby in the oven. After selecting a few good ones she asked if I knew anyone who could sew a mattress cover for a bassinet and a pillow for a rocking chair – I instantly thought ‘ME!’

Her idea was simple and I plugged away.

I thought it would be best to make them removable {slipcovers} so that she can wash them at her discretion since it will be in baby’s nursery.



In making the baby’s new pillow, I decided ‘why the heck not make one for our house too?’

 So I did.

And I would like to give you a mini tutorial in how to make a darling little 12×12 pillow cover yourself.


a 12×28 piece of fabric of your choice {I used Echino Scooters Yellow}

coordinating thread

your very own, super rad, label {optional}

12×12 in. pillow form {I got mine at a local craft/fabric store for under $3!}


Mark your fabric at 8 inches in on the longest edges, both ends

Press each short end 1/4″ in and hem

Fold your fabric right sides together at your 8″ markings. There should be about a 3 1/2″ overlap for the backside of your pillow.

Pin in place and sew the seams with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Use pinking shears or a serger to prevent fraying.

Turn right side out, poking the corners out

{OPTIONAL: Sew or iron on your label for a personal touch}

Fill with pillow form

Echino and Kokka are my favorite fabrics ever. They are so modern and hip – and totally compliment my funkyness!

I will be making some more of these and listing them in my shop as well as going pillow crazy in the house. I might adorn Bry’s room with tons of throw pillows and floor pillows and…..

It will be a cushy house in no time.


In case you want to make bigger pillows, here are fabric measurements for all standard pillow sizes:

12″ Pillow – Fabric 12″ by 28″
14″ Pillow – Fabric 14″ by 32″
16″ Pillow – Fabric 16″ by 36″
18″ Pillow – Fabric 18″ by 40″
Marking measurements for all standard pillow sizes:
 12″ pillow – mark your fabric 8″ in on the longest edges, both ends.
14″ – pillow mark your fabric 9″ in on the longest edges, both ends.
16″ – pillow mark your fabric 10″ in on your longest edge, both ends.
18 ” – pillow mark your fabric 11″ in on your longest edge, both ends.


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