Sneak Peak

In my earlier post I mentioned working on some new product for my shop. Tonight I drilled out three new bags!

Those ones are made with Melody Millers Ruby Star Shining Spring Flowers Spring, Dusk, and the Coffee Pots Fuchsia. Can not wait to list these!

I had a bit of help from my little zombie friend tonight….

She fits perfectly on my bobbin winder.

Also, while I was getting cuts made for more soon-to-be product, I decided to take advantage of Ana Maria Horner’s Needlework and slip it into needlepoint frames I picked up while thrifting.

Some day I’ll get around to actually starting up needlepoint.



Melody Miller & New Product {Coming Soon}


I am simply amazed.

Melody Miller has gone and done it again – make AMAZING fabric.

Her Ruby Star Rising and Ruby Star Spring came out and made me fall over, the prints were so amazing. And the colorways. But this time, she went above and beyond definitely outdoing herself with this great vintage throwback collection in some of the best colors around.

We just got the collection in our store and I immediately took advantage of it being there by getting all the prints totaling up to 2 yards. I know that doesn’t seem like much; but with the size of my products, that fabric can stretch pretty far. So tonight and until Saturday I am going to get into the groove of sewing a new line of product for my Etsy shop that will be debuted on the very first of the year!

By the way…. they’ll be a whole new different style of bags.

Check out what I made with her Ruby Star Rising collection…

So picture that, but more amazing!


I’m bringing back my drawstring bags with some improvements featuring appliques from the Ana Maria Horner Needleworks collection shortly after the first as well!

This upcoming year is going to be amazing for me!

A No Worries Post on a Craft Gone Wrong

A couple weeks ago I talked about how I wanted to do a pregnancy calendar shirt like the one I came across online. When my bestie came over with her family for a little dinner party we decided to try it out.

Now usually I am one to thoroughly read a tutorial or directions before I try anything out because I am so horrible with instructions anyway, but I skimmed through the tutorial I found thinking ‘how hard can it really be?’ Well….

What we did was lay out my shirt on my cutting mat. Grabbed the fabric paint I purchased at Beverlys, the number stencils, foam brushes, and started in on the project going off of what I remembered the clever woman explaining in her thoroughly thought out tutorial.

We got a few rows in and I literally was over it. I’ve never quit a craft or given up without picking it back up at a later time, which I will; but this was so frustrating I almost just nixed the idea and wanted to pretend it never happened.

Let the pictures show you why

At first glance it doesn’t look too bad, but if you look hard enough you can see that the numbers are blobby. Plus, I chose the wrong shirt! The black lines totally take half the numbers away because the color doesn’t even show!

Now, I thought just the blobbyness of the letters were the problem. Hence why I put the brushes down and walked away.

But then a couple days later, I went to move the shirt from my sewing space and, well…

Yes, those are little spots of fabric paint on my cutting board! The paint bled right through!

I thought ‘Crap, I guess it wasn’t that easy!’ So I went back to read the tutorial all the way through and her shirt didn’t bleed through nor is there any mention of ways to prevent it from happening. So I must’ve done something wrong??

Back of shirt with bled through spots

Thats the inside of the shirt, which wouldn’t be too bad except that its on the back too, so it makes the shirt completely useless.

But all the while Jaime and I were laughing and having a good time. So it wasn’t a total loss.

I will pick up another {lighter} shirt after the holidays, placing a piece of protection between the layers, and figure out a better way to not have the paint blob everywhere. I’ll wait till after the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, we have been loving the advent calendar we made in the beginning of the month!

{Taken a couple days ago}

The home for our calendar.

And only 2 more days till Christmas!

A Little Gift

Some friends of ours just had a baby girl {yay! more girls to make things for!}. She is so sweet a precious and just gorgeous.

I sat down the other night and made a little headband for her and shipped it off today with our Christmas photo.

Yes, our Christmas photo this year is almost as silly as last years, but definitely different.

But look at that headband – cream and black are a perfect pair for a perfect little baby girl.

Once this holiday season is over and I’m finished with gift making, these headbands will finally go up in my shop.

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, it’s a BOY!

Yup, that’s right. This little monster growing inside me is a boy!

The ultrasound tech took many photos of baby’s heart, head, brain, feet, arm, leg, hands, belly, etc. and after patiently waiting through the little photoshoot, we tried to see if baby was boy or girl. At first we didn’t see anything; baby’s legs were stuck together. But after much coaxing and jiggling of my belly, baby moved and we saw a little thing-a-ling! We tried to get a pic of it, but baby was so active! Every time she went to freeze the frame, baby moved. She did get two really good profiles of baby, though, and of his feet.

When we couldn’t find a little peter at first, I looked over at Bry and she looked distraught with disappointment – she was hoping so badly for a baby brother. Then when baby showed his thingie a few times and the ultrasound tech said boy, she got a big smile on her face. When we walked out of the hospital, I asked her if she was excited and she replied, “Oh my gosh I coulda just screamed in there!” Yeah, I would say she is happy baby is boy.

We are so very excited, no matter the outcome, but Richard is definitely glowing. Well, I am too. I have a girl and now I get a boy! Cabbie hats a plenty will be made. We had a name picked out for a boy, but are revisiting it and looking at other names too. Eeeeek!

Now I feel like watching Lady and the Tramp during the moment when the dad finds out that baby is a boy. “Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, it’s a boy oh boy oh boy!”

Fasten Your Seatbelts!

A few weeks back I was bringing my friend Savanna a Starbucks at her work {shes a tech at the Honda dealership} and the guy in the bay next to her asked if I could turn a seatbelt from an old Cadillac he acquired into a regular belt. I’d never done anything like that, but I took on the challenge and here is what produced:

I did a lot of seam ripping and finally got the extra hardware {the piece at the bottom of the picture} unattached from the belt. Then I just took the open end of the belt, looped it through at the buckle, and sewed a perfect seam design, identical to how the manufacturers sew them up. It was pretty rad.

Who knew seatbelts could have two functions?

Fabricscrapped by Bry on Etsy

My daughter dabbles a bit in crafts & art. She’s becoming a very talented young lady and I am very proud of her.

With the help of myself {posting} and Richard {photos}, Bry has been able to have and maintain an Etsy shop of her own.

Recently she has added some great holiday goodies – lavender sachéts! Here are some great photos Richard took of them.

Check out her shop to see what other goodies she has for you!

Fabricscrapped on Etsy!

Thank you honey for the photos. Its nice to have some professional ones on here since mine are so crappy! 😛

Richard Fusillo Photography

Getting more into the Christmas Spirit

Here is a little preview of more gifts I am making for Christmas

Envelope pillow cover out of some amazing glamourous Robert Kaufman fabric

Look! Its more Monster Mash! Another envelope pillow cover – made two of these bad boys for two little good boys.

Amazing stuff.

Made a little travel sewing bag/kit for part of Brys Christmas present out of Alexander Henry’s Sew Much Fun fabric.

The goodies

I really scored on the loot. I already had a rotary cutter, Singer scissors, and most of these things so I didn’t have to spend much.

Perfect fit with plenty of room for more!

Speaking of Bry and sewing, she makes these adorable little bags…. lavender saché bags! They will be posted on her Etsy soon and make a perfect holiday gift. I’m so proud of her.

Only $2.00/saché!

And lastly, I decided to make a little something for myself just for Christmas and absolutely love how it came out. I’ve never made a stocking before and figured it would be easy enough so I just made this one up all on my own.

Not bad.

By the way, thats Michael Miller’s Season to Hoot fabric and some awesome dimple minky in snow white.

I’m a little obsessed with owls so its absolutely perfect for me.

Only a few more presents to go!

And we have been counting down on our homemade Advent Calendar so that makes 14 days ’till Christmas!

Ho ho ho. Or rather ‘Hoot Hoot Hoot’!

More Christmas Presents, 4-11

Over the past two days I’ve been able to accomplish a lot sewing-wise. I snuck in 7 Christmas presents and I am incredibly pleased with them.

The first three were little tutu’s for three special little girls in my life. I wont say who, cause someone’s mom and someone’s dad is my friend on Facebook and it will give it away. Two of them were identical and the third was a little bit more rebel. These tutus were easy to make once the tulle was cut. Next time I am just buying rolls of tulle – I don’t care if it costs more. The time I will save will be worth more to me anyway. But they sure did come out beautiful!

Two were made like this

And this little one is the rebel..

I take horrible photos – I know.

The next present is actually for our doggie Zooey. When we travel anywhere with her or she has a sleepover with her friends we end up putting all her things into a bag that just gets thrown away. So I decided to make an eco-friendly, reusable bag to keep her things in. We have this adorable fabric at work that I just had to get and make it out of.

Lastly were four little letter needlebook holders for people I cannot name cause they read my blog.

I found this adorable tutorial and gave it a go – LOVED it! And I know these little ladies are just gonna get so much use out of them. Here is one of the four I made tonight.

I actually hadnt added the closure to this one yet when I took the photo…

Just four more presents to go….

I think.

Christmas Presents Numbers Two & Three: Check

Over the past two nights I have been able to get two more Christmas presents done. The first one I was able to write about and post fully because Richard’s parents don’t use the good ol’ interwebs, but the next two I’ve made for friends so only sneak peeks is what you’re gonna get.

Numero One

Number Dos

Tomorrow night will be full of sewing as I accomplish Christmas presents numbers four, five, six, seven! Maybe 8 too!

I’d also like to share with you a fun little craft my friend Savanna did one night. But first, a little back ground about her….

She likes Pokémon.

A lot.

So she decided to sit down and craft it out with a bra and some fabric paint.

Materials used:


Fabric paint in desired colors



Paint bra with desired design

Soooo easy! She made herself a Poké Bra {Ball}!

Fancy, huh?

Such a rad concept and a total success!

Thank you Savanna for sharing your craft.

Hopefully soon {this weekend??} we are going to use up some of her fabric paint and make me this!

A cute little pregnancy calendar shirt! While browsing around I came across the tutorial for it and just had to do it.

You know, this weekend just sounds perfect for something like this. That and our holiday photo!