Baby Bump

Im nearing my 20 week mark and Im really starting to feel pregnant. Uncomfortable is more like it.

Things I miss:

Not peeing every 20 minutes

Sleeping on my tummy

My clothes

Normal food

Not having hip problems


My memory

My bed feeling comfortable

My small{er} boobs


Im just barely coming out of my ‘morning sickness’ stage and starting to feel a bit normal again. Now, food sounds amazing to me – well some anyway.

Cravings Ive been having:


Froot Loops

Mozzarella sticks

Nissin brand cup o noodles

And can you believe it?!?! I’ve been a vegetarian for so long and all of a sudden, with this pregnancy, I’m eating meat! What?!!?

We find out in two weeks if baby is a boy or a girl. I can’t wait to know if Im making tu tu’s or cabbie hats for the little monster. Everyone, except Bry and a friend/co-worker, thinks baby is a boy.

What do you think? Boy or girl?


Boy – Wyatt River

Girl – Either Lola Sage, Piper Harlow, or Jovi Lane.

{I will fight tooth and nail for Jovi Lane. I will hijack the birth certificate paperwork too. Know that Richard… be prepared.}


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