The other night I sat down and made a few gifts for babies this year. And by few, I mean two. Only two of my friends had baby girls this year.

I like to make headbands, not just for babies, but for adults too. I made one for my girlyfriend Jenn at a craft night and she loved it! One of her friends saw the picture she posted of it and asked me if she could buy two from me! Here is Jenn’s famous photo with a s h l e y m a r i e .’s famous headband that started it all~

Gosh shes gorgeous.

My bestie Jaime gave me a sweet little neice, Ella, and she likes to sport my headbands all the time!

Here is a little peek at one of the ones I made the other night. One of my favorites if you ask me. There is just something about a deep purple and a marigold that makes me swoon!

I’d like to thank my little monster for modeling my headband for me.

{pssst – thats the amazing Ana Maria Horner Pastry Stripe Voile that little headband is resting on…. amazing fabric!}

And of course, my little gift cannot be sent with out being adorned with my ‘handmade by’ tag attached with a vintage lace notion.

After the holidays I’ll be able to make a whole stockpile of them and list them in my shop.


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