‘Tis the season – to get crafty!

I’m not usually a big Christmastime fan. Christmas music annoys me, Santa scares me, buying presents is a tool and is so expensive and I could go on.

But this year something is a little different for me.

Im expecting a baby… and with that comes this crazy longing for starting our own family traditions. A lot of the traditions I planned on having fell out when Bry’s father and I parted ways. He took all of our traditions to another state in a box. With it being just Bry & I for the longest time I sadly had no motivation to continue with, or start our own, family Christmas traditions.

After meeting Richard and spending our first Christmas together I had a small desire to start something of our own; but when we decided to have a baby and I finally became pregnant, that desire grew a lot.

I’d really love to have Christmas at home this year. Each year we are at someone else’s house, but I’d really love to cook a whole meal for my family. I want to set the table, make my own napkins and placemats, decorate – decorate the whole house! I also want to cut down our own tree. So this year we will; among other things that I’ll come up with as I get ideas.

One small little tradition I’d like to start with is an Advent calendar. I remember having those when I was little where you poke through the number and there is a piece of candy waiting for you on the other side. I also remember the numbers being all scrambled up – I never really understood why….

Anyway, after endlessly browsing craft, sewing, knitting sites one night I came across this cute little Advent calendar and decided to make my own as well. I think it turned out quite nicely!

It was really easy to make {I like easy projects!} and took about 20 minutes. Actually, it took me about an hour and 20 minutes because I had to search through 4 stores in town for a certain material!

Materials used:

piece of wood from a craft store


craft paper

# stamps and ink

holiday wrapping paper


craft scissors

safety pins {what I searched an hour for all over town! seriously, why dont stores carry these things?!?}

I basically took the wrapping paper, wrapped the wood, taped the paper to the back, and spaced out my twine as evenly as possible. Then I took craft cutting scissors and cut little squares. I stamped each square with numbers up to 25, safety pinned them onto the twine and viola!

Like in the Advent calendar I found, some people write Christmasy things on the back of each number or write a Bible verse to read each day, but we are starting small; we are just really excited to have something crafty, cute, and visual to count down the days ’till Christmas in the first place!

24 days to go.


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