Handmade Christmas present number one: Check!

This year I have decided to make a decent amount of handmade gifts for friends and family. All of my co-workers are getting something {5 girls!}, my mom, step-dad, Richard’s parents, and about 4 friends. I know its very late in the game to be starting and finishing Christmas present number one – but it is the earliest idea that has been sitting on my ‘to-do’ shelf for ages. It just needed to be done.

Victoria and Albert came out with a darling little collection called ‘The Grand Tour’ which featured an Italian theme. Among that was a print called “Bottles’ that came in a cream, aqua, and pink colorway. As soon as those came into our store I grabbed some.

I knew right away I was going to make Richards parents a wine bag for Christmas {they’re big wine-o’s}, but all the tutorials I could find were so complicated that I put it off.

Two dear friends of mine, Kay & Dede of Picking Daisies, sell handmade wine bags in their shop. I went in there to visit them and pick up some fabric and asked Kay how she made hers. With some simple steps and great advice I got home and tried it out.

I tweaked her instructions a bit, making the wine bag fully lined and not including a handle, and am so thankful she helped me out! Because I am pretty stoked on it. I didn’t happen to get any photos of the process because I was just too excited to get it done, but if I make another one I will take photos and give you a tutorial. But really – it was so simple. Thanks again Kay!

It even fits a very fat bottle of Wilson Creek Almond Champagne! Pretty much the best Champagne out there.

Its fully lined! AND SO EASY TO DO!

Now, on to the other 21918726287493 handmade gifts to make…..


One thought on “Handmade Christmas present number one: Check!

  1. Great job on this. And I love that it’s fully lined. In fact, with a couple of tweaks, you could even make it fully reversible – especially without the complication of the handle.

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