Antiquing Finds

Friday Richard and I had a day off together and decided after running a few errands to stop at this Antique store in Paso that we love going to. I think each time we’ve been we have left with something.

Richard is a collector of straight razors and razor accessories so its always a given he will find one at any store we walk in to, but I’m such an eclectic, specific, picky collector that it’s very hard for me to walk away with anything for myself. Usually its some random Elvis memorabilia for Bry thats in my hand when we walk out the door. But…

This time, I scored!

I got a bag of vintage notions, and bag of vintage thread, a bag of cream buttons {it has sooooo many in there}, a bag of lavender buds {for Bry’s lavender saché bags she is making for Christmas}, a very old Singer buttonholer, a gorgeous pair of pinking shears by ‘Antelope’ {GORGEOUS!}, a hemming ruler, and a straight razor for Richard. All for under $65!!


Earlier on in the day my mom just so happened to drop off with me a bag of my grandmas vintage fabric – most of them gingham and in fabulous colors! I am definitely making some napkins out of the usable pieces. The others will be used to wrap small Christmas gifts in. Such a treasure having something my grandma has used.

Oh and today I picked up a quilting foot for my brother machine. Now I can get to quiltin’ on baby’s blanket!

For $5.00



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