Christmas Presents Numbers Two & Three: Check

Over the past two nights I have been able to get two more Christmas presents done. The first one I was able to write about and post fully because Richard’s parents don’t use the good ol’ interwebs, but the next two I’ve made for friends so only sneak peeks is what you’re gonna get.

Numero One

Number Dos

Tomorrow night will be full of sewing as I accomplish Christmas presents numbers four, five, six, seven! Maybe 8 too!

I’d also like to share with you a fun little craft my friend Savanna did one night. But first, a little back ground about her….

She likes Pokémon.

A lot.

So she decided to sit down and craft it out with a bra and some fabric paint.

Materials used:


Fabric paint in desired colors



Paint bra with desired design

Soooo easy! She made herself a Poké Bra {Ball}!

Fancy, huh?

Such a rad concept and a total success!

Thank you Savanna for sharing your craft.

Hopefully soon {this weekend??} we are going to use up some of her fabric paint and make me this!

A cute little pregnancy calendar shirt! While browsing around I came across the tutorial for it and just had to do it.

You know, this weekend just sounds perfect for something like this. That and our holiday photo!


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