More Christmas Presents, 4-11

Over the past two days I’ve been able to accomplish a lot sewing-wise. I snuck in 7 Christmas presents and I am incredibly pleased with them.

The first three were little tutu’s for three special little girls in my life. I wont say who, cause someone’s mom and someone’s dad is my friend on Facebook and it will give it away. Two of them were identical and the third was a little bit more rebel. These tutus were easy to make once the tulle was cut. Next time I am just buying rolls of tulle – I don’t care if it costs more. The time I will save will be worth more to me anyway. But they sure did come out beautiful!

Two were made like this

And this little one is the rebel..

I take horrible photos – I know.

The next present is actually for our doggie Zooey. When we travel anywhere with her or she has a sleepover with her friends we end up putting all her things into a bag that just gets thrown away. So I decided to make an eco-friendly, reusable bag to keep her things in. We have this adorable fabric at work that I just had to get and make it out of.

Lastly were four little letter needlebook holders for people I cannot name cause they read my blog.

I found this adorable tutorial and gave it a go – LOVED it! And I know these little ladies are just gonna get so much use out of them. Here is one of the four I made tonight.

I actually hadnt added the closure to this one yet when I took the photo…

Just four more presents to go….

I think.


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