Getting more into the Christmas Spirit

Here is a little preview of more gifts I am making for Christmas

Envelope pillow cover out of some amazing glamourous Robert Kaufman fabric

Look! Its more Monster Mash! Another envelope pillow cover – made two of these bad boys for two little good boys.

Amazing stuff.

Made a little travel sewing bag/kit for part of Brys Christmas present out of Alexander Henry’s Sew Much Fun fabric.

The goodies

I really scored on the loot. I already had a rotary cutter, Singer scissors, and most of these things so I didn’t have to spend much.

Perfect fit with plenty of room for more!

Speaking of Bry and sewing, she makes these adorable little bags…. lavender saché bags! They will be posted on her Etsy soon and make a perfect holiday gift. I’m so proud of her.

Only $2.00/saché!

And lastly, I decided to make a little something for myself just for Christmas and absolutely love how it came out. I’ve never made a stocking before and figured it would be easy enough so I just made this one up all on my own.

Not bad.

By the way, thats Michael Miller’s Season to Hoot fabric and some awesome dimple minky in snow white.

I’m a little obsessed with owls so its absolutely perfect for me.

Only a few more presents to go!

And we have been counting down on our homemade Advent Calendar so that makes 14 days ’till Christmas!

Ho ho ho. Or rather ‘Hoot Hoot Hoot’!


3 thoughts on “Getting more into the Christmas Spirit

  1. I love the sewing kit and the owl stocking!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to make all kinds of fun stuff with my new sewing machine.. Bry’s bags are super cute also!! She’s crafty like her mama 🙂

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