Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, it’s a BOY!

Yup, that’s right. This little monster growing inside me is a boy!

The ultrasound tech took many photos of baby’s heart, head, brain, feet, arm, leg, hands, belly, etc. and after patiently waiting through the little photoshoot, we tried to see if baby was boy or girl. At first we didn’t see anything; baby’s legs were stuck together. But after much coaxing and jiggling of my belly, baby moved and we saw a little thing-a-ling! We tried to get a pic of it, but baby was so active! Every time she went to freeze the frame, baby moved. She did get two really good profiles of baby, though, and of his feet.

When we couldn’t find a little peter at first, I looked over at Bry and she looked distraught with disappointment – she was hoping so badly for a baby brother. Then when baby showed his thingie a few times and the ultrasound tech said boy, she got a big smile on her face. When we walked out of the hospital, I asked her if she was excited and she replied, “Oh my gosh I coulda just screamed in there!” Yeah, I would say she is happy baby is boy.

We are so very excited, no matter the outcome, but Richard is definitely glowing. Well, I am too. I have a girl and now I get a boy! Cabbie hats a plenty will be made. We had a name picked out for a boy, but are revisiting it and looking at other names too. Eeeeek!

Now I feel like watching Lady and the Tramp during the moment when the dad finds out that baby is a boy. “Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, it’s a boy oh boy oh boy!”


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