A No Worries Post on a Craft Gone Wrong

A couple weeks ago I talked about how I wanted to do a pregnancy calendar shirt like the one I came across online. When my bestie came over with her family for a little dinner party we decided to try it out.

Now usually I am one to thoroughly read a tutorial or directions before I try anything out because I am so horrible with instructions anyway, but I skimmed through the tutorial I found thinking ‘how hard can it really be?’ Well….

What we did was lay out my shirt on my cutting mat. Grabbed the fabric paint I purchased at Beverlys, the number stencils, foam brushes, and started in on the project going off of what I remembered the clever woman explaining in her thoroughly thought out tutorial.

We got a few rows in and I literally was over it. I’ve never quit a craft or given up without picking it back up at a later time, which I will; but this was so frustrating I almost just nixed the idea and wanted to pretend it never happened.

Let the pictures show you why

At first glance it doesn’t look too bad, but if you look hard enough you can see that the numbers are blobby. Plus, I chose the wrong shirt! The black lines totally take half the numbers away because the color doesn’t even show!

Now, I thought just the blobbyness of the letters were the problem. Hence why I put the brushes down and walked away.

But then a couple days later, I went to move the shirt from my sewing space and, well…

Yes, those are little spots of fabric paint on my cutting board! The paint bled right through!

I thought ‘Crap, I guess it wasn’t that easy!’ So I went back to read the tutorial all the way through and her shirt didn’t bleed through nor is there any mention of ways to prevent it from happening. So I must’ve done something wrong??

Back of shirt with bled through spots

Thats the inside of the shirt, which wouldn’t be too bad except that its on the back too, so it makes the shirt completely useless.

But all the while Jaime and I were laughing and having a good time. So it wasn’t a total loss.

I will pick up another {lighter} shirt after the holidays, placing a piece of protection between the layers, and figure out a better way to not have the paint blob everywhere. I’ll wait till after the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, we have been loving the advent calendar we made in the beginning of the month!

{Taken a couple days ago}

The home for our calendar.

And only 2 more days till Christmas!


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