Melody Miller & New Product {Coming Soon}


I am simply amazed.

Melody Miller has gone and done it again – make AMAZING fabric.

Her Ruby Star Rising and Ruby Star Spring came out and made me fall over, the prints were so amazing. And the colorways. But this time, she went above and beyond definitely outdoing herself with this great vintage throwback collection in some of the best colors around.

We just got the collection in our store and I immediately took advantage of it being there by getting all the prints totaling up to 2 yards. I know that doesn’t seem like much; but with the size of my products, that fabric can stretch pretty far. So tonight and until Saturday I am going to get into the groove of sewing a new line of product for my Etsy shop that will be debuted on the very first of the year!

By the way…. they’ll be a whole new different style of bags.

Check out what I made with her Ruby Star Rising collection…

So picture that, but more amazing!


I’m bringing back my drawstring bags with some improvements featuring appliques from the Ana Maria Horner Needleworks collection shortly after the first as well!

This upcoming year is going to be amazing for me!


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