Brys Bracelet Show

This Friday the 3rd Bry will be in another bracelet show at a local jewelry gallery Baxter Moerman. I feel so proud that she has built a good standing friendship and {in a sense} business relationship with the Matts’ of the gallery.

Here is the official flyer for the show

Bry sat down today and cranked out four lovely bracelets. These are better than she has produced before – they have charms!

Check out those cute little charms

This is my favorite one

Richard wants to buy this one pretty badly!

If you want one of your own, head down to Baxter Moerman this Friday the 3rd between 6-9pm.

Or you can check out the ones she has on her very own Etsy shop {less the charms}.

Im so proud of my lil lady!


Handmade for Baby Oliver

I love the idea of applique. I applique cute cut outs on my drawstring bags and try to add awesomeness to some of my most boring things. So when I got {and will be getting more} a handful of plain ol’ white baby onsies I figured I’d spice them up with some of my own personal touches.

Okay, well I haven’t actually done it yet, but here are the handful fresh out of the dryer.

Since I work in a fabric store I have fabric galore at my disposal. Which leaves me with tons of options and I am so excited! Plus, I got the wonder under to help make these appliques more substantial.

Here are some examples of some cuteness that I plan to create {not re-create or copy}

So cute!

Not sure how an ‘O’ would look, but I’ll give it a try.

Okay, I am definitely stealing this idea. SO RAD!

Excited to go in tomorrow to work and choose scraps for this project. Super excited it’s my day off and I don’t have to worry about sewing these real late.

Photos, of course, will follow shortly after.

Felt Crazy

I’ve made a few cute little headbands for a few of my friends who recently had baby girls.

A few more people have seen the ones I’ve made and asked me if I could make some for them and happily agreed.

Now I don’t know if you have ever made one of these before, but as easy as it is – cutting out the felt flowers is tedious and tiring.

I made this one for my friend Tom and his new baby girl Emma.

I tell yah, they’re cute and when finished look amazing, but those flowers kill this pregnant lady’s hands. So, I opted to get a supply of die cut felt flowers instead. It saved me a ton of time and wasn’t pricey either.

I’ve been patiently waiting for them to arrive. The shop I purchased them at on Etsy has a 7-10 day shipping policy and then another couple of days to each me once shipped, but I received them today and am too excited about them.

Over 100 felt flowers in there!

Gonna get started on the three I’m making custom for a friend and then crunch out a few more for Etsy over the weekend. So many projects in the next couple of weeks!

Upcoming Product

Tonight I sat down and started in on cuts for my new snack bags. I set out to cut squares for 6 snack bags.


I got lost in the cutting and ended up with 90 squares! So Ill have 45 snack bags to make in the next few weeks.

I have a few available on my Etsy right now. Im mostly getting these ready for an art/craft show in March, but Ill have plenty available for Etsy.

Stay tuned!

A Photo Blog

I’ve decided it would be best to keep my personal photo project separate from this blog and my personal blog. Please follow my photo posts at somebeautifulphoto.

While you’re at it, and if you want, you can take a look at my more personal posts on my personal BLOG.

But here is a photo I would like to share with you, not in part from my photo a day project.

A few custom drawstring bags and a custom mustache zippered artist brush bag. Really excited about these and cannot wait to hand deliver these creations!

Paper or Plastic?

Neither, thank you.

Just a few days ago the San Luis Obispo County Board passed a proposal to ban plastic bags in all supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, and big-box companies. Can I say thank goodness and FINALLY!

The ban will take effect in October and not only includes banning plastic bags, but will also charge 10 cents per paper bag to help the store cover the costs of the paper bags. Paper is a much better alternative to plastic bags, but I have something better for you. How about reusable tote bags?

Along with my reusable snack bags I am going to start in on making as many reusable totes as I can in preparation for this ban. This means having several available to YOU.

Here are some photos of some new fabric I picked up today that will be used for these totes.

I’ll be picking up more fabric along the way. If you want to pre-order, feel free to contact me at

They’ll be posted on Etsy soon and will also be in my show in March.

Remember, if you’re at the store, always ask for paper or bring your own bag! Our landfills, waterways, and sewers will thank you along with the millions of animals and sea creatures you’ll be saving. Not to mention – EARTH.