Paper or Plastic?

Neither, thank you.

Just a few days ago the San Luis Obispo County Board passed a proposal to ban plastic bags in all supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, and big-box companies. Can I say thank goodness and FINALLY!

The ban will take effect in October and not only includes banning plastic bags, but will also charge 10 cents per paper bag to help the store cover the costs of the paper bags. Paper is a much better alternative to plastic bags, but I have something better for you. How about reusable tote bags?

Along with my reusable snack bags I am going to start in on making as many reusable totes as I can in preparation for this ban. This means having several available to YOU.

Here are some photos of some new fabric I picked up today that will be used for these totes.

I’ll be picking up more fabric along the way. If you want to pre-order, feel free to contact me at

They’ll be posted on Etsy soon and will also be in my show in March.

Remember, if you’re at the store, always ask for paper or bring your own bag! Our landfills, waterways, and sewers will thank you along with the millions of animals and sea creatures you’ll be saving. Not to mention – EARTH.


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