Felt Crazy

I’ve made a few cute little headbands for a few of my friends who recently had baby girls.

A few more people have seen the ones I’ve made and asked me if I could make some for them and happily agreed.

Now I don’t know if you have ever made one of these before, but as easy as it is – cutting out the felt flowers is tedious and tiring.

I made this one for my friend Tom and his new baby girl Emma.

I tell yah, they’re cute and when finished look amazing, but those flowers kill this pregnant lady’s hands. So, I opted to get a supply of die cut felt flowers instead. It saved me a ton of time and wasn’t pricey either.

I’ve been patiently waiting for them to arrive. The shop I purchased them at on Etsy has a 7-10 day shipping policy and then another couple of days to each me once shipped, but I received them today and am too excited about them.

Over 100 felt flowers in there!

Gonna get started on the three I’m making custom for a friend and then crunch out a few more for Etsy over the weekend. So many projects in the next couple of weeks!


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