Handmade for Baby Oliver

I love the idea of applique. I applique cute cut outs on my drawstring bags and try to add awesomeness to some of my most boring things. So when I got {and will be getting more} a handful of plain ol’ white baby onsies I figured I’d spice them up with some of my own personal touches.

Okay, well I haven’t actually done it yet, but here are the handful fresh out of the dryer.

Since I work in a fabric store I have fabric galore at my disposal. Which leaves me with tons of options and I am so excited! Plus, I got the wonder under to help make these appliques more substantial.

Here are some examples of some cuteness that I plan to create {not re-create or copy}

So cute!

Not sure how an ‘O’ would look, but I’ll give it a try.

Okay, I am definitely stealing this idea. SO RAD!

Excited to go in tomorrow to work and choose scraps for this project. Super excited it’s my day off and I don’t have to worry about sewing these real late.

Photos, of course, will follow shortly after.


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