Etsy Treasury!

One of Bry’s listings on Etsy, her lavender sachét bags, were featured in someone’s treasury today! She is so excited and hopes that someone will purchase them since they’re being featured. You guys gotta remember – she’s only ten! And she runs and manages her shop {with the exception of awesome photos taken my by hunny Richard Fusillo} all by herself.

See, lookie up there! Her little lavender bags! So cool. Free advertisement for her… I had to pay $7.00 to feature my bags category on Etsy. So proud of her and her talents!

Check out her shop. She will be adding whatever doesn’t sell at Art After Dark this Friday. She can also do custom orders so just send her a convo and she will work with you in what you need.

Thanks for your support and for supporting handmade.


Girls Craft Night

One of my girlfriends came over tonight for dinner and a little craft. We had a lot of fun!

A few years back I was inspired by Kat Von D’s awesome cut up knotted shirts and wanted to try it out for myself.

I jumped on yahoo chat with my lubby lubberton and created this

I’ve been wanting to do another one so when my girlyfriend came over we created more! Bry even got involved…

Yeah, be jealous of my awesome tablecloth 😉

Bry also drew a little something for her soon-to-be baby brother Oliver

Savanna was incredibly precise, whereas I decided to just go with it as you could tell from my first photo

Savanna’s looked so awesome. The outside of her shirt was grey and the inside was black so it made a rad look with the contrasting colors.

Bry’s turned out cute too. I made sure she tied her knots extra close together, though – I don’t want her looking like a ten year old hoochie mamma lol

It was a pretty fun night. Check out the link to Kat Von D’s tutorial on this shirt {link is found above}.

Great craft idea!

Custom Tablet Sleeve

Richard shot a wedding for a lovely couple last fall and the bride contacted me about making her a custom tablet sleeve for her new tablet.

She picked out some cute fabric for the exterior and chose a grass green for the interior – reminds me of the playground back in elementary school!

It’s my first ever sleeve of this sort and I found it easier to make than I had anticipated. And as usual, I did not follow a tutorial. I am horrible with directions so I made it up as I went along. I layered it with organic cotton batting for protection. I think it turned out quite lovely.

I hope she likes it!

Big Red Heart Day

I’m not much into Valentine’s Day. Personally, I think it’s a Hallmark Holiday more than anything. Why take just one day out of the year to tell your loved one, ‘Hey, I love you! And even tho I don’t answer correctly when you ask me if I think you look fat in those jeans, heres a whole box of chocolates and a funny card anyway!’

But when you have kids, it’s inevitable that you spend money on Valentine’s cards and gifts and candy and cookies for the whole class!

This year I thought I would contribute two extra things, aside from all those cookies and cards and above mentioned – two crafts.

I took some red fabric scraps I had lying around, cut out two hearts and sewed them on to a pair of Bry’s jeans.

She plans on wearing those darling things with a cute top that has scribbled hearts all over them. She’s gonna look pretty darn cute!

I also made an unofficial ‘Valentine’s gift’ for Richard

He’s a straight razor collector.

I found the image on Etsy from a shop called MadameBricolage, printed it on transfer paper then adorned this HUGE toiletry bag with it. {I think I made the bag a little bit on the big side haha}. It’s fully lined with rip stop nylon so the fabric won’t get ruined when we travel and his watery toothbrush and razors are in there.

Other than that, we don’t plan on celebrating this ‘holiday’ with cards and candy and roses and all that non-sense. Just a simple, normal, just-like-any-other day.

But Richard, I do love you!

Giveaway…. Almost

I’m really trying to get myself out there more through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, as well as Etsy. I own a shop and one of my life-long goals is to open an actual storefront featuring my handmade products.

What better way to promote myself than to offer up something in return for helping spread the word about me?

Please, visit my Facebook page and ‘like’ it. I currently have 129 ‘likes’ and would like to reach 150 in a week {by Friday the 17th}. If I can reach 150 ‘likes’ by then, I will have a giveaway here on the blog featuring one of my very own handmade products. I wont reveal what it is until I reach that amount, IF reached within the time frame.

So please; share my page with your friends on twitter, facebook, etc. and help me get my name out there! I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

~Ashley Marie.


A while back I had found a really cool board that was for sale at Urban Outfitters during one of their fixtures sales for a whole $1.

Pretty cute, right?

I wanted to use it for the message/chore chart board I have been dreaming about making for months now. My plan was to put a chalk board wall cling on one side and our chore chart on the other side. I went to my friend Jeff Claassen’s gallery to pick up the chalk board wall cling, brought it home and…

it was too big for the space I wanted.

So I decided to just turn it into a message board!

{P.S. those creases are not my fault! I put the chalk board on properly, its just the board I got is wrinkly. But it does add some charm to it!}

Since I couldn’t fit our chore charts on there, I decided to browse the handy interwebs for some ideas and found this lovely chore idea.

I’ll, of course, tailor it to my family and finally we can get our chores organized! After seeing this brilliant idea I’ve realized that we don’t have a whole lot of wall space anyway so this will be perfect to put up on the bar top and it won’t take up a lot of space.

Chores are fun!