A while back I had found a really cool board that was for sale at Urban Outfitters during one of their fixtures sales for a whole $1.

Pretty cute, right?

I wanted to use it for the message/chore chart board I have been dreaming about making for months now. My plan was to put a chalk board wall cling on one side and our chore chart on the other side. I went to my friend Jeff Claassen’s gallery to pick up the chalk board wall cling, brought it home and…

it was too big for the space I wanted.

So I decided to just turn it into a message board!

{P.S. those creases are not my fault! I put the chalk board on properly, its just the board I got is wrinkly. But it does add some charm to it!}

Since I couldn’t fit our chore charts on there, I decided to browse the handy interwebs for some ideas and found this lovely chore idea.

I’ll, of course, tailor it to my family and finally we can get our chores organized! After seeing this brilliant idea I’ve realized that we don’t have a whole lot of wall space anyway so this will be perfect to put up on the bar top and it won’t take up a lot of space.

Chores are fun!


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