Big Red Heart Day

I’m not much into Valentine’s Day. Personally, I think it’s a Hallmark Holiday more than anything. Why take just one day out of the year to tell your loved one, ‘Hey, I love you! And even tho I don’t answer correctly when you ask me if I think you look fat in those jeans, heres a whole box of chocolates and a funny card anyway!’

But when you have kids, it’s inevitable that you spend money on Valentine’s cards and gifts and candy and cookies for the whole class!

This year I thought I would contribute two extra things, aside from all those cookies and cards and above mentioned – two crafts.

I took some red fabric scraps I had lying around, cut out two hearts and sewed them on to a pair of Bry’s jeans.

She plans on wearing those darling things with a cute top that has scribbled hearts all over them. She’s gonna look pretty darn cute!

I also made an unofficial ‘Valentine’s gift’ for Richard

He’s a straight razor collector.

I found the image on Etsy from a shop called MadameBricolage, printed it on transfer paper then adorned this HUGE toiletry bag with it. {I think I made the bag a little bit on the big side haha}. It’s fully lined with rip stop nylon so the fabric won’t get ruined when we travel and his watery toothbrush and razors are in there.

Other than that, we don’t plan on celebrating this ‘holiday’ with cards and candy and roses and all that non-sense. Just a simple, normal, just-like-any-other day.

But Richard, I do love you!


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