Girls Craft Night

One of my girlfriends came over tonight for dinner and a little craft. We had a lot of fun!

A few years back I was inspired by Kat Von D’s awesome cut up knotted shirts and wanted to try it out for myself.

I jumped on yahoo chat with my lubby lubberton and created this

I’ve been wanting to do another one so when my girlyfriend came over we created more! Bry even got involved…

Yeah, be jealous of my awesome tablecloth 😉

Bry also drew a little something for her soon-to-be baby brother Oliver

Savanna was incredibly precise, whereas I decided to just go with it as you could tell from my first photo

Savanna’s looked so awesome. The outside of her shirt was grey and the inside was black so it made a rad look with the contrasting colors.

Bry’s turned out cute too. I made sure she tied her knots extra close together, though – I don’t want her looking like a ten year old hoochie mamma lol

It was a pretty fun night. Check out the link to Kat Von D’s tutorial on this shirt {link is found above}.

Great craft idea!


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