New Items on Bry’s Etsy

Listed a few of Bry’s items tonight on Etsy.

Here are a couple of pictures of what went up

Bottle cap necklaces {4 available!}

Button post earrings {she also has two pairs of button dangle earrings available}

Braided fabric charm bracelet {4 available!}

Be sure to browse her other bracelet option as well as handmade lavender sachéts!


Handmade with <3

I made some of my very own labels to put on the kids’ things I make for them. That way they know that I made it with love.

I took iron on transfer paper and printed ‘handmade with ❤ by: mommy’ {full sheet}, cut out each row, and ironed them on to some natural cotton twill.

Im excited to make more labels and more things!

Busy Bee = More Handmade Lovelies

I’ve been pretty busy tonight starting and finishing some personal and business projects.

The first on my list was to finish Bry’s last panel for her ‘Loft bed Hideout’. No photos of that since the last panel is identical to the first two.

Next on my list was to make a little tag blanket for my friends Tom & Molly’s baby Emma. She’s just about the sweetest thing!

Molly came into the store today to pick out some fabric for it. Im so glad she went for the Aneela Hoey, Walk in the Woods collection as the main print in blue. We selected Sheri McCulley, Woodland Tails, Dots Pink in flannel as the backing to give it that soft, security feel. It turned out incredibly darling… almost makes me wish we were having a girl! Almost.

Ahhh it’s so cute!

I love those dots!

I can’t wait to give this to them.

Next was a make-up case for Bry out of some more left over chevron fabric from her panels. She wanted just a basic front zippered bag like the ones I sell in my shop and picked a nice red colored zipper to pop. I decided to make a felt flower with a coordinating button to pin on it as a surprise for her. I love this!

It’s a funky little flower, but it works.

And lastly, after much persuasion from Richard, I threw together another tag blanket to list on Etsy. He is going to photo it tomorrow for me so I can list it {as you all can see, I totally suck at picture taking!}. I’m excited to add another new addition to my Etsy shop.

Alexander Henry 2D Navy fabric

Backed with a gorgeous teal/everglade flannel. So soft!

As of right now, I am officially tired. Looks like I’ll be heading to bed shortly, as soon as I catch up with my photo a day challenge.

Handmade for Oliver

Now that the time is getting closer and Im not working as much I am able to pump out something handmade for the baby almost every day. I’m also able to squeeze in other handmade projects I’ve been wanting to finish over the past several months, which I plan on doing tomorrow {the last panel to Bry’s little ‘Loft Bed Hideout’}.

Tonight I finished a tag blanket I’ve been meaning to get to for a few weeks now. I got the fabric over a month ago as soon as it hit our shelves in the store but have been needing to get ribbon for it. Do you know how hard of a task actually getting ribbon is? Especially specific colors, sizes, patterns, etc? Its a huge task and when you’re not following a tutorial {typical me} you come to find you’re not really sure how much ribbon to get. I thought I got way too much today, but after getting home and planning my procedure out I found I should have got 4 times the amount! I have lived and I have learned. So instead of making three like I had planned, I was only able to make one. Thankfully my bestie Jaime made one for him too so he will have lots of handmade tag blanket love to go around!

The fabrics I chose for this specific project {I plan on making three – one for his room, one for my diaper bag, and one for Richard’s diaper -errrrr – man bag} are from Alexander Henry – 2D Zoo – in three different colorways




I wanted to back each one with something soft so I picked up some super soft flannel to coordinate with while I was out enjoying my day off with Bry. I got a brown flannel with white polka dots for the chocolate and a pretty everglade/tealish color for both the navy and pool, since they both have that same color in the fabric.

I had purchased a half yard of each, cut them into fat quarters and cut the flannel into fat quarters. Then I took the main fabric, laid it right side to right side of the flannel, pinned in the ribbon and sewed around. I left an opening to pull the fabric thru then folded the raw edges in, pressed them, pinned in the last ribbon and did a quilt stitch around the edge 1/4 inch. It took hardly any time and no, I didn’t follow a tutorial! I am absolutely in LOVE with it and I am itching to go get more ribbon so I can make the other two.

Here is it!!!

I had a lot of fun picking out the ribbon, even if it was a task. Next time I am bringing the fabric with me, rather than relying on internet photos for color coordinating. I think that might make the time go by a little faster.

I am pretty proud of this darn thing. Sheesh, Oliver is going to be so spoiled by his mommy {and that results in Bry getting spoiled too! I don’t want her to feel left out!}

I plan on making little labels for all the things I am ending up making the kids. They’re going to say ‘handmade with love by mommy’. Yeah yeah, sappy, I know. But I am going to be as mushy as I please, thank you.

Chevron Diaper Clutch

Since we found out about the little bun in the oven, I’ve been dreaming of making all sorts of handmade products for the little monster. One of those was a diaper clutch.

I came across a post by one of the bloggers I follow on a chevron diaper clutch pattern & tutorial a couple months after we got pregnant and fell in love. Since then, I’ve been trying to find the perfect fabric for it with no luck. But then a few weeks ago we got in some great chevron fabric at work and I figured you can’t go wrong with that gorgeous zig zag and See Kate Sew had it right when she created her clutch! So I took some leftover fabric from the little panel project I am in the middle of for Bry and created one of my own.

I didn’t follow Kate’s tutorial at all other than using the width dimension as a guideline. As much of my projects are, I just made it up as I went along. I think it’s fabulous.

And look at how tiny my sons diapers are! I can’t believe he will be that small.

I used Premier Prints Chevron Turquoise for the outer fabric and a double layer of super muslin, unbleached, for the lining.

Can’t wait to use it in just 26 days!

Handmade Surprises

Today I opened up a medium flat rate box to some wonderful gifts for baby Oliver from my bestie Jaime.

There were a few amazingly cute outfits, including a plaid driving cap and sweet little sweater in the mix, but what I genuinely cherish is the handmade surprises that popped out.

Around Christmas time, Jaime got a sewing machine to satisfy her interest in the art of sewing. I knew she had been busy making really cool things, including some crossbody bags she messaged me asking if I thought they looked good {which, eh hem… they do!}, but I had no idea she was dipping into the world of baby!

Take a look at the sweet little handmades she included in her snail mail shipment

An adorable, handmade mobile complete with felt owls and embroidery floss! {I’m a little obsessed with owls}

A tag blanket made out of flannel {with owls!} and a crinkle security toy. Loving these. They went straight into the diaper bag! The colors on them are amazing.

First, let me say: I need to find this flannel. Because this is the cutest little flannel blanket ever. Ever.

Hi little monster! Look at the cute decorative stitch she included on this one to finish it off. I am now officially jealous – I don’t have any decorative stitches on my machine! I need an upgrade…

I feel so grateful for these gifts, and all the gifts we have received. But mostly I cherish the handmade ones even more because of the time, effort, and love put into each and every item. Oliver is such a loved baby already. And we feel the love too!

Thank you Jaime! So, so much. And might I add you did an awesome job on all of them! Keep it up.


This post is about all things new!

First, I ordered a new steam iron.

I’ve been using one that just didn’t live up to my needs. It was great and a great gift from my mom, but it was time to step it up a little bit.

I had this Macy’s gift card from Christmas that I felt I would never use because the closest Macys is about an hour away and in my pregnant state I am not driving that far for a gift card purchase. So I hopped online and searched for the perfect item and found it.. a Sunbeam steam iron for ME!

She’s not the best, but she will definitely be just what I need to get my work done.

Second thing that is new is some awesome Chevron fabric we got in at work by Premier Prints. Holy cow, I have never been so much in awe over Chevron fabric before! We got several colors to choose from, but I knew the moment I laid eyes on the Teal colorway it had to be mine. So I picked up a couple yards and made some rad panels for Bry’s loft bed.

Perfect for hiding out under there and catch some privacy while doing tween activities.

Normally you see Chevron print run in a horizontal pattern in a finished product – its more streamlined that way. But since we are a funky bunch and like to go against the grain sometimes, I thought it would look awesome and different running the print vertically for a fun new twist. I’ll be getting some more this weekend and making one more panel for the foot of her loft bed to finish the project.

Another thing that is new is five more baby headbands created!

They’re listed and available on my Etsy!

I went a little more girly this time around. I’ll be creating more in different sizes once I get my amazing felt flower die cuts in the mail.

{I get all my wool felt flower die cuts from AMarketCollection on Etsy}

And lastly, one of my favorite new things to tell you about is my washi tape!

The main purpose of purchasing this tape is to use it on my ‘thank you’ tags on Etsy sales to add a little bit of fun. But tonight I decided to try it out on some handmade ‘thank you’ cards for loved ones who have so amazingly contributed to ‘Olivers Treasure Chest’.

Ahhhh, I am in love! And obsessed. I think I might ask for a whole truckload of washi tape for my birthday this year. How fun is that?!

I found this tape on Etsy from KawaiiGoodies. She has a huge selection and I am definitely going back to order more!

P.S. The stamps I found at Michael’s for $1.00! The stamp pads used were found there for a $1.00 too!

I’ll let you know how rad my iron is as soon as I start sewing again. Which will be soon since I have bookmarks and coffee/tea cozies to stock up on!

New Etsy Items

Tonight I was able to take some time and photo my new baby headbands and even get them up on Etsy.

I’m not as great a photographer as my hunny Richard {ok, I’m far from it!}, but the photos will do and I am excited to have a new addition to my growing Etsy shop.

Here are the little cuties

Will take custom orders on these as well!