Oliver’s Woodland Theme Shower

This past weekend we had Oliver’s baby shower. It was simply everything I had envisioned and was pretty much D.I.Y.

I found inspiration from a couple of blogs and with my mom and Richard’s help we put together a lovely woodland themed shower to welcome Oliver into the world. I can’t believe I only have 6 weeks left!

Richard wasn’t ‘invited’ but he stayed and took photos for me… and of me. I’d like to share some with you.

Dried fruit and mixed nuts in hand stamped paper sacks as well as orange marmalade jars as favors. Not to mention my moms yummy candy boxes!

We set aside a little space for the diapers

Those candy boxes I was talkin’ about

Vintage Beatrix Potter books from my childhood.

We took a lot of vintage and woodland pieces from our home to complete the set up of the shower.

And the spread my mom did… wow! Everyone that came has been asking about the bacon cheddar pinwheels she made.

Little acorn treats Amy & I put together a couple days before the shower. Super easy to make! All you need is mini nilla wafers, herseys kisses and some chocolate frosting!

My friend Lori handmade the place card holders for the food. She has them available in her Etsy shop along with other rad wedding/event supplies.

My mom made the cake pops into bears! So cute.

We played a couple of silly games

{cotton ball pick up – blindfolded}

And I made two girls arm wrestle for the last prize!

The lovely ladies at Picking Daisies put together a cute and amazing bunting for the shower that will go up in Oliver’s nursery.

After the shower, Richard snapped some photos of me and little Oli in my belly

My favorite!

{P.S. those are little fawns on my dress! It’s all about the small details people!}

He also got a couple of Bry too. Gosh my daughter is so gorgeous!

I would like to thank my mom for all of the time, money, and energy put into helping my little woodland dream come true; Richard for helping set up, for the support, and taking photos; my step-dad John for helping with the set up; Richelle for handwriting out the place cards and signs for us; Lori for handcrafting the place card holders; Amy for helping with the acorn treats; Picking Daisies & crew for the lovely bunting and for lending us the cloth napkins; Alex, Michelle, Amy, Christina, Linda, Bry and Moe for being there; and Bry for being a supportive big sister. I love you all and our day to celebrate Oliver would have been nothing with out you!

Please check out Richard’s photography page and see {pretty much the same, cause I stole them from him} photos from the shower as well.

Inspiration Blogs:

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Simplified Bee

Such is Life Photo

Bump Smitten

And here is where you can find directions on how to make those delicious acorn treats:

Lipstick and Laundry

Six more weeks to go and we get to meet little Oliver Shai. ❤


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