Handmade Laundry Bag

We had some adorable fabric in the store from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away collection called Clothesline. It features long johns and unders hanging from a clothesline to dry along with some cute little owls – a total must for fabric for a custom drawstring laundry bag!


With Olivers delivery date drawing near, I am trying to get the sewing projects I have set aside for him finished. My goal is to get them all completed before I start maternity leave so I can spend my free time ‘nesting’ and resting.

Tonight I finished it 🙂


Its sort of huge {I used a whole yard of fabric} and with it being such an easy project I rushed thru it so the fabric pattern is actually upside down, but I love it and its so perfect. I just need to find a hook to put on the wall to hang it from.

Now on to an envelope pillow slipcover, a crib sheet, and a diaper… Errrr, excuse me… Man bag, for Richard, and curtains for both the kids.

Easy peasy.

{P.S. doesnt Bry look adorable modeling the laundry bag for little brother?}


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