This post is about all things new!

First, I ordered a new steam iron.

I’ve been using one that just didn’t live up to my needs. It was great and a great gift from my mom, but it was time to step it up a little bit.

I had this Macy’s gift card from Christmas that I felt I would never use because the closest Macys is about an hour away and in my pregnant state I am not driving that far for a gift card purchase. So I hopped online and searched for the perfect item and found it.. a Sunbeam steam iron for ME!

She’s not the best, but she will definitely be just what I need to get my work done.

Second thing that is new is some awesome Chevron fabric we got in at work by Premier Prints. Holy cow, I have never been so much in awe over Chevron fabric before! We got several colors to choose from, but I knew the moment I laid eyes on the Teal colorway it had to be mine. So I picked up a couple yards and made some rad panels for Bry’s loft bed.

Perfect for hiding out under there and catch some privacy while doing tween activities.

Normally you see Chevron print run in a horizontal pattern in a finished product – its more streamlined that way. But since we are a funky bunch and like to go against the grain sometimes, I thought it would look awesome and different running the print vertically for a fun new twist. I’ll be getting some more this weekend and making one more panel for the foot of her loft bed to finish the project.

Another thing that is new is five more baby headbands created!

They’re listed and available on my Etsy!

I went a little more girly this time around. I’ll be creating more in different sizes once I get my amazing felt flower die cuts in the mail.

{I get all my wool felt flower die cuts from AMarketCollection on Etsy}

And lastly, one of my favorite new things to tell you about is my washi tape!

The main purpose of purchasing this tape is to use it on my ‘thank you’ tags on Etsy sales to add a little bit of fun. But tonight I decided to try it out on some handmade ‘thank you’ cards for loved ones who have so amazingly contributed to ‘Olivers Treasure Chest’.

Ahhhh, I am in love! And obsessed. I think I might ask for a whole truckload of washi tape for my birthday this year. How fun is that?!

I found this tape on Etsy from KawaiiGoodies. She has a huge selection and I am definitely going back to order more!

P.S. The stamps I found at Michael’s for $1.00! The stamp pads used were found there for a $1.00 too!

I’ll let you know how rad my iron is as soon as I start sewing again. Which will be soon since I have bookmarks and coffee/tea cozies to stock up on!


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