Handmade Surprises

Today I opened up a medium flat rate box to some wonderful gifts for baby Oliver from my bestie Jaime.

There were a few amazingly cute outfits, including a plaid driving cap and sweet little sweater in the mix, but what I genuinely cherish is the handmade surprises that popped out.

Around Christmas time, Jaime got a sewing machine to satisfy her interest in the art of sewing. I knew she had been busy making really cool things, including some crossbody bags she messaged me asking if I thought they looked good {which, eh hem… they do!}, but I had no idea she was dipping into the world of baby!

Take a look at the sweet little handmades she included in her snail mail shipment

An adorable, handmade mobile complete with felt owls and embroidery floss! {I’m a little obsessed with owls}

A tag blanket made out of flannel {with owls!} and a crinkle security toy. Loving these. They went straight into the diaper bag! The colors on them are amazing.

First, let me say: I need to find this flannel. Because this is the cutest little flannel blanket ever. Ever.

Hi little monster! Look at the cute decorative stitch she included on this one to finish it off. I am now officially jealous – I don’t have any decorative stitches on my machine! I need an upgrade…

I feel so grateful for these gifts, and all the gifts we have received. But mostly I cherish the handmade ones even more because of the time, effort, and love put into each and every item. Oliver is such a loved baby already. And we feel the love too!

Thank you Jaime! So, so much. And might I add you did an awesome job on all of them! Keep it up.


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