Handmade for Oliver

Now that the time is getting closer and Im not working as much I am able to pump out something handmade for the baby almost every day. I’m also able to squeeze in other handmade projects I’ve been wanting to finish over the past several months, which I plan on doing tomorrow {the last panel to Bry’s little ‘Loft Bed Hideout’}.

Tonight I finished a tag blanket I’ve been meaning to get to for a few weeks now. I got the fabric over a month ago as soon as it hit our shelves in the store but have been needing to get ribbon for it. Do you know how hard of a task actually getting ribbon is? Especially specific colors, sizes, patterns, etc? Its a huge task and when you’re not following a tutorial {typical me} you come to find you’re not really sure how much ribbon to get. I thought I got way too much today, but after getting home and planning my procedure out I found I should have got 4 times the amount! I have lived and I have learned. So instead of making three like I had planned, I was only able to make one. Thankfully my bestie Jaime made one for him too so he will have lots of handmade tag blanket love to go around!

The fabrics I chose for this specific project {I plan on making three – one for his room, one for my diaper bag, and one for Richard’s diaper -errrrr – man bag} are from Alexander Henry – 2D Zoo – in three different colorways




I wanted to back each one with something soft so I picked up some super soft flannel to coordinate with while I was out enjoying my day off with Bry. I got a brown flannel with white polka dots for the chocolate and a pretty everglade/tealish color for both the navy and pool, since they both have that same color in the fabric.

I had purchased a half yard of each, cut them into fat quarters and cut the flannel into fat quarters. Then I took the main fabric, laid it right side to right side of the flannel, pinned in the ribbon and sewed around. I left an opening to pull the fabric thru then folded the raw edges in, pressed them, pinned in the last ribbon and did a quilt stitch around the edge 1/4 inch. It took hardly any time and no, I didn’t follow a tutorial! I am absolutely in LOVE with it and I am itching to go get more ribbon so I can make the other two.

Here is it!!!

I had a lot of fun picking out the ribbon, even if it was a task. Next time I am bringing the fabric with me, rather than relying on internet photos for color coordinating. I think that might make the time go by a little faster.

I am pretty proud of this darn thing. Sheesh, Oliver is going to be so spoiled by his mommy {and that results in Bry getting spoiled too! I don’t want her to feel left out!}

I plan on making little labels for all the things I am ending up making the kids. They’re going to say ‘handmade with love by mommy’. Yeah yeah, sappy, I know. But I am going to be as mushy as I please, thank you.


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