Busy Bee = More Handmade Lovelies

I’ve been pretty busy tonight starting and finishing some personal and business projects.

The first on my list was to finish Bry’s last panel for her ‘Loft bed Hideout’. No photos of that since the last panel is identical to the first two.

Next on my list was to make a little tag blanket for my friends Tom & Molly’s baby Emma. She’s just about the sweetest thing!

Molly came into the store today to pick out some fabric for it. Im so glad she went for the Aneela Hoey, Walk in the Woods collection as the main print in blue. We selected Sheri McCulley, Woodland Tails, Dots Pink in flannel as the backing to give it that soft, security feel. It turned out incredibly darling… almost makes me wish we were having a girl! Almost.

Ahhh it’s so cute!

I love those dots!

I can’t wait to give this to them.

Next was a make-up case for Bry out of some more left over chevron fabric from her panels. She wanted just a basic front zippered bag like the ones I sell in my shop and picked a nice red colored zipper to pop. I decided to make a felt flower with a coordinating button to pin on it as a surprise for her. I love this!

It’s a funky little flower, but it works.

And lastly, after much persuasion from Richard, I threw together another tag blanket to list on Etsy. He is going to photo it tomorrow for me so I can list it {as you all can see, I totally suck at picture taking!}. I’m excited to add another new addition to my Etsy shop.

Alexander Henry 2D Navy fabric

Backed with a gorgeous teal/everglade flannel. So soft!

As of right now, I am officially tired. Looks like I’ll be heading to bed shortly, as soon as I catch up with my photo a day challenge.


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