Paci Clips

The day before we went to the hospital to deliver little Oliver, I crammed in as much sewing as possible. I ended up making more labels, got in a knitting bag for the hospital {that I didn’t end up using because of my darn IV!!}, and finished a couple more paci clips for the little man.

Im not introducing a pacifier for a few months, but I still wanted to get them finished so I have time to work on Etsy products. These, sadly, wont be featured in my shop – not for a while anyway – but if you would like to purchase some adorable paci clips head over to my friend Krista’s shop Augie and Lola Baby Boutique and convo her for a custom order!

I used Echino scraps from the scooter fabric and chenille scraps


And of course my little labels so when im at the park with Oliver and a mom comes up to me raving about how hip the paci clip is, who made it – I can say ‘me!’

I have some big plans for all of these baby items Ive been pumping out for Oliver, bigger-than-Etsy plans. And once Ive recovered fully, Im running with these plans and I hope I go far. Oliver and Bry have inspired a whole new movement in me!

But if you’re wanting paci clips {or other awesome baby things} go to my friend Krista’s shop and purchase away!


PeePee TeePee!

I’ve taken care of several kids being a nanny, babysitter, and in childcare for several years. A majority of them have been baby boys so that means a lot of diapers! And not once have I been peed on.

Until I changed my sons diaper for the first time.

Yup, I have been peed on 5 times since then, which means almost once a day. Admittedly it is a little funny, but one time is too many so I sat down and made some peepee teepees.

Fabric scraps and some left over chenille from my burp cloths

Patterns cut out

Ahh, they’re so cute!

I love these fabrics! The argyle and plaid totally look so sophisticated hahaha.

Lined with chenille to make them super absorbent.

And guess what?! I’ll be listing them in my Etsy shop soon. It’s a little time consuming taking care of a newborn so I’ll get my sew on when I can, but since these are so easy to make and I already have a pattern made, I can get 10 of them done in a snap.

If you would like to pre-order a custom one or two or three or more, contact me at willow{dot}little{at}gmail{dot}com.

Welcome Oliver Shai

Im currently blogging from my phone in my not so flattering, incredibly big jammies while on the couch snuggling with my son.

I thought I would introduce you to Oliver Shai. He was born at 9:06am on April 19 weighing in at 7lbs 1oz and 19 1/2 inches long.


That was taken just before I went in for surgery.

A few short minutes after surgery began, out came into the world Oliver.


He is just about the most perfect thing ever next to my daughter.



Happy big sister!


Daddy and son!


See, perfect.

A few things different between having a girl and a boy:

Boys pee like a fountain.

Thats about all the difference Ive seen so far.

Which has inspired my next Etsy project: peepee teepees! Except Im changing the name to something else and making tons for the house.

Anyway, now that we are home and getting settled in I am just happy as pie. I love my little family!

Spring Stitch Market

Get yourselves ready for this springs Stitch Market as it is fast approaching!

So many awesome vendors, so many amazing handmade items… please, go check it out! Here is the official flier with all of the information.

I was hoping to submit a vendor app this year, however; being as though we are having a baby in 9 hours, that’s not quite doable. Next year, though for sure!

Please visit The Stitch Market for any info and to see what they have going on. Gonna be fun!!

Allowance Jar

The other day I crafted up some diy chore jars, but wasn’t able to get the allowance jar in. Today I was able to get it finished!

Still wet with mod podge. So glad this stuff dries clear!

I went with a little bit of a different design, omitting the wooden square and using a tag instead with a clothespin. It gives us the option of changing out the purpose of the jar if the allowance bit of it doesn’t quite work for us or if we need it for an event. Im glad it looks like it belongs with the others, but is still different.


Quick and Easy Door Stop

There are a couple doors in our house that like to close slowly on their own and I cannot stand a door that isn’t deliberately shut. Especially Oliver’s nursery door – I will become incredibly paranoid if I can’t keep that thing open when I want it to be. We have tried to adjust the hinges, put a book under the door, put something heavy in front of it, but nothing seems to work out quite right.

As I was taking photos of some Etsy items in his room {his green walls make for an awesome background} an idea popped into my head *bean bag*

I took a piece of scrap bunting fabric from the pillow I made him and cut two 6×6 inch squares. We have tons of dry beans in our pantry and a bag that looks as though it was purchased about 20 years ago of beans I won’t eat so I used that one to fill the bag with.

I put right sides together and sewed around 3 edges about 1/4″, leaving one side open to fill the beans. I turned it right side out, filled it with beans, folded the raw edges in 1/4″, pinned in place and top stitched that side.

Easy peasy

I even added one of my little handmade tag labels

I love it! It goes with the little pillow I made thats resting on the glider chair

I will be making three more tomorrow – one for Bry’s room, one for our room, and one for the front door.

Decoupage Fabric Chore Jars | Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and now that baby will be here next week I got myself together and finally finished it – the family chores!

I’m a very visual person and if there isn’t something right in front of my face screaming at me to do it, it wont get done. What better way to get the chores done than to make cute little decoupage jars to put them in?

Though a little on the time consuming side {mostly waiting for them to dry!}, they were very easy to make and require things you might even already have around the house.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-canning jars {as many as you need for each member of the family, plus one to hold all the chores} *Bonus – you can add a jar for the allowance to be collected per child for easy tracking

-fabric, paper, or tissue paper {thin cotton fabric is best if using fabric} – choose different colors/patterns for each family member

-ribbon {coordinating with the paper, fabric, or tissue paper}


-hot glue gun

-mod podge

-paint brush

-rubber stamps {i used a mix of initials and letters for the jars and numbers for the chore sticks} and ink pad


-popsicle sticks {as many as you need for each chore}

-wooden square or a tag for initials/names on each jar {I got my wooden squares at Michaels for .29/ea.}


Cut your fabric, paper, or tissue paper into thin {approx 2″} strips to the length of your jars

Brush a thin layer of mod podge on the inside of the jar about the width of your fabric or paper and place your fabric or paper over it, right side facing out

Take the brush with a little bit of mod podge on it and brush out the air bubbles so the fabric or paper lies flat against the jar

Continue the process all the way around the inside of the jar and with the rest of the jars

Only one coat on the jar and one coat over the paper or fabric is necessary. If you’re using a thicker fabric like denim or a linen, you might want to do an additional coat over the fabric after it has dried for about 20 minutes.

Cut ribbon long enough to wrap around the jar + an overlap of about 1/2″

Hot glue the end piece of the ribbon onto the jar in the desired spot, then hot glue the other end piece once wrapped around the jar

Stamp your initials/names/words onto each wooden square or tag then attach the appropriate one to each jar with hot glue

Set aside to dry {once dried – usually fully over night – you can screw the metal ring on to give the top of the jar a more finished look}

Write each chore on a popsicle stick. I did a chore or two in multiples since its a job we all have in the house pretty much daily, like laundry.

Stamp each chore you feel needs to be rewarded with payment. There were a few that we decided Bry should get a small dollar amount for, but most were ones that are expected of her and wont get paid for those.

Place all of the sticks in jar labeled ‘chores’ and designate ones to each family member at the appropriate time once the jars have dried fully

Place them in the house where they are visible so they will get used! The great thing about these is that they’re decorative as well as functional so it’s not an eyesore.

How we will use ours:

Each morning I will fill each family members jar {yes, even my own!} with the daily chores they need to complete. At the end of the day I will check to make sure each chore has been finished and if it has, it will go back into the community ‘chores’ jar. Whatever money that was earned will get placed in the ‘allowance’ jar and at the end of the week Bry will get her allowance.

Tomorrow I am going to make that bonus jar! I’ll post photos of it for you guys to see.

Handmade Burp Cloths

I have discovered in going through all of the things that we have for Oliver, we do not have any burp cloths. We have receiving blankets, swaddle me’s, crib blankets {which we will not actually put in the crib}, etc. but no burp cloths. So I decided to make some.

I live in what we call around here the “North County”, which translates into “There is crap for fabric and supplies options around here.” I work in a gorgeous, hip, modern fabric store, but even we don’t have most of what I use in my every day sewing life. The closest store to me that carries the chenille I needed for this project is about an hour away. No. Thank. You. But, I do have a friend who lives near that store and she took some time to pick it up for me and get it to me. I would have ordered online, however; baby Oliver will be here in 10 days and I didn’t have shipping times to spare.

I picked up some great fabric at work and used some of what I already had as the main fabric

I absolutely cannot get enough of that bunting and the 2D Zoo fabric!

I found a great tutorial online {whoa; I followed another tutorial?!?! That never happens} from a blog I follow – MADE.

I got five done today and will make the others this week.

I love how easy these are to create. And I love how much I’m saving in making them myself.

Oh, oh! And look! You can see my little handmade fabric tag label on them!

I have a friend who makes these and sells them in her shop on Etsy. Please go check her out. They make a great gift and a great addition to any nursery. Handmade is the way to go!

Augie & Lola Baby Boutique

Make Your Own Labels

Last year when I got serious about my Etsy shop and selling my goodies, I decided to order fabric labels to make my product look more professional. I found a great shop on Etsy called Silver Light Photo and have been loyal to her since.

I love my handmade by a s h l e y m a r i e . labels

{P.S. isn’t that Melody Miller fabric amazing?!?!}

Not that I want to drop my business relationship with her, but I’m beginning to find that I enjoy DIY a lot more than I thought I would and wanted it to translate into my fabric labels. Plus, I wanted something a little more organic looking and would rather try it out myself than take my label business elsewhere.

I’ve been making tons of ‘handmade with ❤ by: mommy’ labels for all the things that I’ve been making the kids. Those were pretty simple to make.

All you need is a pack of transfer paper for light fabrics and cotton twill tape, any size and color you desire. You can pick up both at any local arts and crafts store. I got my transfer paper from Walmart for under $9 for a pack of 6 sheets and the cotton twill tape from Beverly’s Fabrics.

Hop onto the computer, open up a word program and type in your desired text or design {remember – it’s totally customizable! Whatever you want it to say or look like, in whatever color and size that will fit the twill tape!}. Before you print, be sure to reverse your text. This can be done in different ways depending on which program you are using, so be sure to research how to do it if the program doesn’t have a clear edit option for you. Reversing the text means for it to read backwards – like you’re reading something while looking in a mirror. That way when you iron transfer the text it will read in the right direction. After you have your text and/or design how you want it, be sure to print out a test page first to make sure it looks how you want it. Once you’ve made any necessary adjustments and your test page comes out a okay, place the transfer paper in your printer tray and print off as many copies as you need.

For my labels, I typed in ‘handmade with ❤ by: mommy’ then hit tab to have 5 spaces in between each text. That allowed me to have enough room to cut the labels and sew them on without sewing over any text.

Once you have printed on the transfer paper, cut out each row and iron it on. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the transfer paper. It’s very simple, but if you don’t do it properly your text could come up and not transfer entirely.

Once you have the desired amount made it’s time to cut and sew on to your product!

It takes no time at all and is very personalized. These labels add a great touch to any handmade gift or product.

Aside from the long fabric labels, I wanted to make tag fabric labels as well with just my initials. I’ll be making burp cloths tomorrow for Oliver and decided against the ‘handmade with <3’ labels – it’s more of a product than a personalized gift for him. If you think the iron on fabric labels were easy, you just wait.

All you need for these ones are cotton twill in desired size and color, ink pad and stamps of choice. Both the ink pad and stamps were purchased at Michael’s Craft Store for $1/each. They’re the Studio g brand, which carries several great ink colors and a wide range of stamps to choose from.

Take the twill tape, cut to desired length {remember; these are tag labels so you will need to cut them double your desired length + seam allowance since they will be sewn in} and fold in half. Once folded, take your stamp, ink it, and stamp where you need, keeping in mind the seam allowance. You can do one side or both! I chose to do both since the product I will be using them for will show both sides. Once stamped you’re done!

The great thing about doing both of these is you can save tons of money and have labels that are fully customizable. I adore my relationship with Silver Light Photo and will definitely be returning to her for more labels once I run out of the ones I normally order, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of being able to create something for myself that can be used on a gift or a product. It also helps when I only need one or two instead of ordering {and waiting for} 30 labels! Plus, they just look so much more organic.

Once I get the burp cloths made, I’ll show you a little sneak peek of them 🙂

Easter Egg Appliqué

Much like the Big Red Heart Day and Saint Patrick’s Day, I’m carrying over {what is becoming} the tradition of a themed appliqué on Bry’s jeans.

I found some incredibly cheesy, but equally fantastic, Easter fabric for .50 to use for this project.

How perfectly cheesy is that?

Im having tons of fun with this!

Bry is at the age where the idea of the Easter bunny is just creepy, but she still doesn’t want to lose the perks of what a holiday can bring her – candy, gifts, money.

She’s such a woman.

So instead of hunting for eggs that the Easter bunny left behind, she will actually be going on a treasure hunt for gifts. Those include:

-The final Diary of a Wimpy Kid book that she doesn’t own yet to complete her collection

-The Smurfs DS game

-A very hip blue dress with a geometric pattern

-A pink night gown with hearts and monkeys on it

-Three pairs of socks

-A blue jelly band bracelet

-Starburst jelly beans

-Some Paul Frank accessories


Not so much a traditional Easter, but very fitting for the girl she is evolving in to.

Hope you all have a great Easter filled with fun games, family, candy, and great food!