Handmade By Me, For Me

In two weeks {two weeks!} I will be delivering our son Oliver. Since the time is getting near I decided it was time to start packing the bag for the hospital.

Only I don’t have a bag I like well enough to bring to the hospital. So I made one.

What better fabric to choose but Melody Miller from the Ruby Star Shining collection? I went with the Typewriters in neutral and Cameo in red as the accent. Plus, I threw in a little splash of coordinating wool felt.

Love those colors!

Cameo accent appliqued on front and with it boxed, wraps around the sides and bottom. See that little splash of felt up in the top right corner? Cute, right?

I forgot to take a photo, but on the inside there is a large pocket in more of the cameo to help keep things organized inside.

And you can’t make a hospital bag with out making a coordinating toiletry bag to go wit it…

I really love the cameo fabric!

Who can blame me?

Now I have one of the most stylish hospital bags ever.

Oh and I also got half of an Etsy order completed tonight

Custom labels for one of my customers!


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