Easter Egg Appliqué

Much like the Big Red Heart Day and Saint Patrick’s Day, I’m carrying over {what is becoming} the tradition of a themed appliqué on Bry’s jeans.

I found some incredibly cheesy, but equally fantastic, Easter fabric for .50 to use for this project.

How perfectly cheesy is that?

Im having tons of fun with this!

Bry is at the age where the idea of the Easter bunny is just creepy, but she still doesn’t want to lose the perks of what a holiday can bring her – candy, gifts, money.

She’s such a woman.

So instead of hunting for eggs that the Easter bunny left behind, she will actually be going on a treasure hunt for gifts. Those include:

-The final Diary of a Wimpy Kid book that she doesn’t own yet to complete her collection

-The Smurfs DS game

-A very hip blue dress with a geometric pattern

-A pink night gown with hearts and monkeys on it

-Three pairs of socks

-A blue jelly band bracelet

-Starburst jelly beans

-Some Paul Frank accessories


Not so much a traditional Easter, but very fitting for the girl she is evolving in to.

Hope you all have a great Easter filled with fun games, family, candy, and great food!


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