Make Your Own Labels

Last year when I got serious about my Etsy shop and selling my goodies, I decided to order fabric labels to make my product look more professional. I found a great shop on Etsy called Silver Light Photo and have been loyal to her since.

I love my handmade by a s h l e y m a r i e . labels

{P.S. isn’t that Melody Miller fabric amazing?!?!}

Not that I want to drop my business relationship with her, but I’m beginning to find that I enjoy DIY a lot more than I thought I would and wanted it to translate into my fabric labels. Plus, I wanted something a little more organic looking and would rather try it out myself than take my label business elsewhere.

I’ve been making tons of ‘handmade with ❤ by: mommy’ labels for all the things that I’ve been making the kids. Those were pretty simple to make.

All you need is a pack of transfer paper for light fabrics and cotton twill tape, any size and color you desire. You can pick up both at any local arts and crafts store. I got my transfer paper from Walmart for under $9 for a pack of 6 sheets and the cotton twill tape from Beverly’s Fabrics.

Hop onto the computer, open up a word program and type in your desired text or design {remember – it’s totally customizable! Whatever you want it to say or look like, in whatever color and size that will fit the twill tape!}. Before you print, be sure to reverse your text. This can be done in different ways depending on which program you are using, so be sure to research how to do it if the program doesn’t have a clear edit option for you. Reversing the text means for it to read backwards – like you’re reading something while looking in a mirror. That way when you iron transfer the text it will read in the right direction. After you have your text and/or design how you want it, be sure to print out a test page first to make sure it looks how you want it. Once you’ve made any necessary adjustments and your test page comes out a okay, place the transfer paper in your printer tray and print off as many copies as you need.

For my labels, I typed in ‘handmade with ❤ by: mommy’ then hit tab to have 5 spaces in between each text. That allowed me to have enough room to cut the labels and sew them on without sewing over any text.

Once you have printed on the transfer paper, cut out each row and iron it on. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the transfer paper. It’s very simple, but if you don’t do it properly your text could come up and not transfer entirely.

Once you have the desired amount made it’s time to cut and sew on to your product!

It takes no time at all and is very personalized. These labels add a great touch to any handmade gift or product.

Aside from the long fabric labels, I wanted to make tag fabric labels as well with just my initials. I’ll be making burp cloths tomorrow for Oliver and decided against the ‘handmade with <3’ labels – it’s more of a product than a personalized gift for him. If you think the iron on fabric labels were easy, you just wait.

All you need for these ones are cotton twill in desired size and color, ink pad and stamps of choice. Both the ink pad and stamps were purchased at Michael’s Craft Store for $1/each. They’re the Studio g brand, which carries several great ink colors and a wide range of stamps to choose from.

Take the twill tape, cut to desired length {remember; these are tag labels so you will need to cut them double your desired length + seam allowance since they will be sewn in} and fold in half. Once folded, take your stamp, ink it, and stamp where you need, keeping in mind the seam allowance. You can do one side or both! I chose to do both since the product I will be using them for will show both sides. Once stamped you’re done!

The great thing about doing both of these is you can save tons of money and have labels that are fully customizable. I adore my relationship with Silver Light Photo and will definitely be returning to her for more labels once I run out of the ones I normally order, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of being able to create something for myself that can be used on a gift or a product. It also helps when I only need one or two instead of ordering {and waiting for} 30 labels! Plus, they just look so much more organic.

Once I get the burp cloths made, I’ll show you a little sneak peek of them 🙂


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