Quick and Easy Door Stop

There are a couple doors in our house that like to close slowly on their own and I cannot stand a door that isn’t deliberately shut. Especially Oliver’s nursery door – I will become incredibly paranoid if I can’t keep that thing open when I want it to be. We have tried to adjust the hinges, put a book under the door, put something heavy in front of it, but nothing seems to work out quite right.

As I was taking photos of some Etsy items in his room {his green walls make for an awesome background} an idea popped into my head *bean bag*

I took a piece of scrap bunting fabric from the pillow I made him and cut two 6×6 inch squares. We have tons of dry beans in our pantry and a bag that looks as though it was purchased about 20 years ago of beans I won’t eat so I used that one to fill the bag with.

I put right sides together and sewed around 3 edges about 1/4″, leaving one side open to fill the beans. I turned it right side out, filled it with beans, folded the raw edges in 1/4″, pinned in place and top stitched that side.

Easy peasy

I even added one of my little handmade tag labels

I love it! It goes with the little pillow I made thats resting on the glider chair

I will be making three more tomorrow – one for Bry’s room, one for our room, and one for the front door.


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