Paci Clips

The day before we went to the hospital to deliver little Oliver, I crammed in as much sewing as possible. I ended up making more labels, got in a knitting bag for the hospital {that I didn’t end up using because of my darn IV!!}, and finished a couple more paci clips for the little man.

Im not introducing a pacifier for a few months, but I still wanted to get them finished so I have time to work on Etsy products. These, sadly, wont be featured in my shop – not for a while anyway – but if you would like to purchase some adorable paci clips head over to my friend Krista’s shop Augie and Lola Baby Boutique and convo her for a custom order!

I used Echino scraps from the scooter fabric and chenille scraps


And of course my little labels so when im at the park with Oliver and a mom comes up to me raving about how hip the paci clip is, who made it – I can say ‘me!’

I have some big plans for all of these baby items Ive been pumping out for Oliver, bigger-than-Etsy plans. And once Ive recovered fully, Im running with these plans and I hope I go far. Oliver and Bry have inspired a whole new movement in me!

But if you’re wanting paci clips {or other awesome baby things} go to my friend Krista’s shop and purchase away!


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