Batting and Zippers

Strange title, I know. But those were the two main materials used in my two separate projects I worked on today.

First, I planned on making some washable nursing pads and construct a tutorial on them – fail. I’m still working out the kinks of my original cuts and need to perfect the pattern first before I hand my secrets over to the public. I used three layers of organic cotton batting and some cute fabric as the main fabric. I think I might omit the fabric entirely and just use the organic batting. My main problem; my cuts were too small resulting in a set of nursing pads that I feel don’t fully cover me. Another problem, that won’t be able to be remedied before I throw the tutorial up, is I do not have a working serger. Although the zig zag stitch works along with pinking the edges, its just not as great as a serger. But I’ll do what I can with what I have. So I will try and work on making bigger cuts and perfecting the pattern the rest of this week and will hopefully post a tutorial by Sunday.

Second project was a zippered pouch, but not like the ones I normally make. This pouch required about 10x more zippers!

The entire front of this pouch is zippers!

While browsing for a great nursing cover tutorial I came across this zippered pouch tutorial at Zipit’s Blog and decided to try it out.

She makes it look super easy and I pride myself on being excellent at sewing zippers, but let me tell you; sewing 10 zippers together isn’t as easy as it seems. Eventually I was able to stitch them all together and sew them on to an amazing Melody Miller scrap piece of fabric from her Ruby Star Shining collection.

I’m not 100% pleased with the pouch, but it was a neat little project to do. It is kinda cool and cute, but hers is much better constructed.

The blog I found this tutorial on is run by the girl whom I purchase all of my zippers from for my pouches. Over the past year I have accumulated over 100 zippers in an array of colors so now I am looking for new projects to use my zippers on. One I found is a zipper flower to use as a brooch or attach to a headband, etc. Will probably make one or more of those tomorrow.

If you have any ideas as to some new crafts/projects using zippers, please leave a comment and a link if available and I will try it out.

Hopefully I can get the nursing pad tutorial to you this weekend – just depends on how much baby Oliver will let me accomplish by then.


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