Small Projects

Since baby Oliver’s arrival my projects have sort of taken a back burner. I’m okay with that as I enjoy every moment I get to spend with my little man, but I feel bad that I am not blogging so much and pumping out products and projects for all of you to see and learn from.

But tonight I was able to sneak in a couple of things.

A post or two ago I mentioned finding new projects to use up all of the zippers I have collected over the past year, which is well over 100. One of the things I wanted to create was a zipper flower.

I like how it turned out, but I need to find another way to attach the pearls so the glue doesn’t show. I might sew them on with invisible thread.

Or maybe I just used too much glue?

Anyway, I really like this idea and it is fairly easy, however; I’m a bit dyslexic so when twisting and turning the zipper to how it should be, I got it all backwards. Ugh. Luckily I have tons of the vintage metal zippers because those look the best, I feel.

I also was able to sneak in 7 cuts for new wee wee huts.

They’re going to be sold in some stores, but I can’t quite finish them yet. I need to figure out the labeling for them and packaging first. Hopefully I can get that figured out soon so I can get them, along with all of my other baby products, in the store by summer time!

I wish there was better boy fabric out there for these things with out them being too novelty or cheesy.


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