Nursing Cover and Dog Bed

Today I was able to pass baby off to daddy for a nap and get a couple of projects finished; a nursing cover and a dog bed.

I’ve had some amazing fabric for a while that I originally purchased to make myself a purse, but never got around to it.

Alexander Henry Kenyan Tea Leaf in Blue

I found a great tutorial for a nursing cover over at Prudent Baby.

I am so in love with this print and look awesome as a nursing cover. Although I would have loved to have made it out of some chevron like in the tutorial…

I also was able to make a much needed doggie bed for our pup Zooey. She likes to lie behind the nursing chair while I am in the nursery with Oliver and I wanted to give her something comfy.

I made it out of some Jay-Cyn Pebble Lines Aqua and used recycled poly fill from a futon we tore up a while back.

She loves it!

Fits perfectly in the corner too! Glad I tapered off the top.

Later on tonight I am hoping to make another tag block for Oliver that is black, white, and red. Hopefully I have some black and white chevron leftover from the crib skirt!

Oh, and Oliver is just over 4 weeks old! Time flies fast!

So in love.


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