A Bag in Five Minutes

Bry will be leaving in a day and half for the whole summer to her dads in.. Georgia! I am super bummed.

We just spent a good half hour going through her clothes to pack and just before I zipped up her big bag she shouts ‘Wait! My silly bands! Ohhhh, they won’t fit’. I’m thinking they will until she pulls out this huge glass container full of silly bands. My first thought is we cannot put glass in a bag that will be checked by haphazard twenty-somethings at an airport and my second thought is.. make a bag!

I had just a long, skinny strip of blue chevron left from the, what seems like, gazillion projects I’ve stretched the fabric through and it was the perfect size to fit her silly bands and then some. The best thing is I finished it in 5 minutes!

Just a simple top zippered bag

Silly bands!

Sadly, there is no more blue chevron in the house. But I’m able to look around my home and see it in bits and pieces.


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