Work In Progress | Quilt

I haven’t made very many quilts; to be quite honest, they give me a headache. The last quilt I made was in 8th grade – so about 14 years ago. But I bought a fat quarter bundle at Birch just after I started working there with the intention of making one for someone special. Ten months later and the fat quarter bundle was still just sitting there so last night I decided to start on it.

Now usually I am a one project at a time, must finish it that day kinda gal; but I knew going into this quilt that I most certainly will not finish it in one night, especially since I had no idea when baby would wake up. So I thought I would cut all of the squares and get a few of them pieced together.

An hour and a half later I ended up with this:

{Excuse my poor picture taking!}

So since I had pieced the entire front together and baby was still asleep {shocked!} I wanted to put the back on

Now all thats left is to quilt and bind it!

Ill get it quilted today and bind it tomorrow. So far Im pretty proud of it.


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