Fluffybug Cloth Diapers & Little Neetchers

I am so excited about this new little find, thanks again to Instagram. Fluffybug Cloth Diapers provides one size, pocket diapers by Alva for affordable prices. They also have awesome microfiber inserts and wetbags at great prices and fun prints. And tomorrow I am placing an order for three pocket dipes. I never knew how addicting cloth diapering can be and am anxious to get my stash up to be able to cloth diaper full time! You should check Fluffybug out on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @fluffybugclothdiapers!

In my journey of cloth diapering I have had the opportunity of being linked to many resources. My friends, Instagram, the internet. I feel very strongly about being eco and saving our planet and feel like,  even though cloth diapering isnt for everyone, everyone should participate in saving our earth from millions more pounds of waste. So I joined an event to help make everyone aware and to help educate as I have been so lucky to be.

Please head over to Little Neetchers and see what their about. And if you want to join the event, head to the event page: Cloth Diapering Capaign. In addition to just sharing your story and knowledge, youll have a chance to win some goodies!

So excited for my cloth diapers tomorrow!!


Giveaway | Pick Your Prize

Hello, hello! I’m feeling like it’s time for another giveaway! And this time around it’s a pretty sweet deal.

‘Why’ you say?

Because you get to pick your prize!

Yup, that’s right, you read that correctly. One lucky winner will get to choose what they win {see conditions at end of post}!

‘Well, where do I choose?’

You get to choose an item from one of two of my Etsy shops! Select something sweet for baby from Oliver’s Treasure Chest or choose something gorgeous and awesome for yourself or a friend or a lover from The Little Willow Tree.

Also, to sweeten the deal, the lucky winner will also receive a special promotion code for a discount in my other other Etsy shop JoviLane!

Oh, and there is one more thing…

ALL participants will receive 15% off any item in any one of my shops! So be sure to leave your email address to receive your discount code.

Ok, there is one last thing – this giveaway runs all month long!

‘This is so cool Ashley! What do I have to do to win?!’

Simple. Leave me a comment with either your favorite search item on Etsy or a favorite item from any one {or all} of my shops.

You could also favorite my shops, add me to your circle, and share this with your friends {though it wont get you another entry I would greatly appreciate it}.

Thank you for your support! Cant wait to read all your comments!

*Conditions: you may choose any item from Oliver’s Treasure Chest except from the ‘For Mamas’, ‘Diaper Clutch’, and ‘Extras’ sections. You may choose any item from The Little Willow Tree. In order to receive a special discount for any of my shops {15%} you must leave your email in your comment. One comment per person please. This giveaway runs until August 31st at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be chosen at random and announced the next day. All participants will be contacted within two days for their promotion code. 

Oliver’s Treasure Chest

The Little Willow Tree


Wetbags Galore

Since I’m easing my way into the world of cloth diapering I decided it was time to make me some wetbags + one for the unpaper towels in our kitchen.

1. I made this one for Oliver’s nursery to hang by his changing table. At the end of the day {or when full} I plan to dump the dipes in a designated pail in the garage next to the washer then wash the bag with the diapers every two days.

2. I decided to make a hanging one for our kitchen since we use cloth napkins and unpaper towels {well any kitchen towel for that matter}. We can just throw them in the bag and put them in the wash once a week.

3. I need one for my diaper bag. Even though we are not cloth diapering full time quite yet {still need to build my stash}, when I am out and need to change his diaper I can just put the dirty disposable or cloth one in there until I get home. I hate using those plastic Arm & Hammer bags! Even though they do smell nice.

Im slowly getting there in this cloth diapering movement. I ordered some hemp fleece from Etsy tonight and plan on making about 10 inserts for the gDiapers out of those. There is no sense in us not cloth diapering full time with those gDiapers but the fact that we don’t have any usable inserts are slowing us down. The only inserts we have are microfiber and thats a big no no for baby bum. We currently have 9 pocket dipes and 2 gDiapers plus LOADS of cloth wipes. I placed an order for 3 Alva pockets diapers from Fluffybug Cloth Diapers so I am excited to get those in the mail! That will put us at halfway there for the amount I want in my stash as far as pockets go. Slowly. Slowly. Slow.

It’s expensive!

{But we will be saving hundreds!}

Featured Sponsors Post & Giveaway

Thanks to Instagram I have found some great blogs to follow and Etsy shops to fave. One of those great blogs is Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe. This darling gal bakes and makes some of the most delicious looking things ever, if I were her friend and lived next door I’d be at her kitchen window waiting for her to put the pie out to cool. Aside from that, she’s just as sweet as what she bakes!

Earlier in the month she hosted a button swap in which I participated in and following that is a featured sponsors post. I am really excited to be a part of this because it will give me the exposure I need to get my blog and Etsy shops out there in the world. Actually, I’m pretty honored. I’ve been gearing up for this over the past month, opening my new shop and adding tons of lovely creations for your little ones. Over the next week I’ll be adding more to The Little Willow Tree on Etsy as well.

So head over and visit Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe and drool over her amazing creations! And check out the featured sponsors post!

In celebration of this button swap/featured sponsors post I am having a giveaway! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me hinting at one. On July 31st I will announce the giveaway and it will run for the entire month of August! Without giving too much detail it will be a ‘pick your prize’ giveaway. Come back July 31st to find out what, where, when, why, and how!

On Instagram?

Follow me! @littlewillowtree

Reusable Snack/Wet Bags | Etsy

I have been a busy bee sewing and sewing and sewing! With the opening of my new shop I have needed to stock Oliver’s Treasure Chest with many treasures for you. Tonight I have listed some snack/wet bags that are just so adorable you might want to eat them with your snack! {But please don’t; that’s a big hospital bill}

So head over to Etsy now to take a looksie at these awesome bags. Purchase one and you’ll save the planet from millions of pounds of waste!


Sneak Peek | New Items In Oliver’s Treasure Chest

Tomorrow I will be listing two new products in Oliver’s Treasure Chest. Here is a little sneak peek for you!

Nursing pads!

Let me tell you, these are incredibly comfy! I made some for myself {less the cotton fabric – I’m a money saver!}

I’m also adding these bundles of cuteness

Aren’t those patterns adorable? I love the Teeny Tiny Zoo by Alexander Henry!

Cloth Diaper Journey

I am a pretty eco friendly gal. I recycle. I love live plants, I use unpaper towels, I believe in organic products, and I hate waste. Having a baby brings ton of waste. Like mountains of it. And it breaks my heart.

I was always so intimidated by cloth diapers. I felt it was so complicated. So much work. And maybe for some it is. Maybe a full-time working mom can’t fit it into the day or find a sitter who is willing. Maybe some people think its gross. Whatever their reasons, it’s okay. But I found myself shedding a tear every time I pushed that dirty disposable dipe down the diaper pail chute. And I would like a change.

Plus, who can resist those adorable patterns?

{Photo courtesy of Jelliban Journals}

A friend of ours gave us two small gDiapers and a bunch of disposable inserts. We tried them and they’re amazing! Less the disposable inserts. So I made my own!

Basically three layers of microfiber sandwiched between organic cotton. Love them! And very inexpensive to make, too.

My friend was over and had some medium pocket diaper cut outs so we sat down together and sewed them. She did one and I did most of the other.

What a cutie.

It was really pretty simple to make, just a lot of steps. I won’t be making my own, but luckily one of my other friends has a site where she sells cloth diapers so I purchased four from her the other day. I don’t have much of a stock yet; two gDiapers and six pocket diapers plus 20 inserts and about 60 cloth wipes {I went a little crazy making the wipes lol}. But Im building my stash and getting the hang of this cloth diapering business – finding what works best for us and baby and learning along the way. I’d really like to thank Cora, Jasmine, and mammas on Instagram who have given me great information, tips, advice, and links to help me along the way.

Just trying to save the world, yah know.. one less disposable diaper at a time.