Fourth of July

Ive become more and more festive since having been pregnant with and having Oliver. Christmas we started a tradition with an Advent Calender; Valentines, St Paddy’s Day, and Easter I decorated Bry jeans with appliques and this Fourth of July I didnt want to skimp.
Richard and I scrounged up what we had of red, white, and blue attire, but Oliver was covered. I wanted to add a bit of flair, however, to his plain ol’ white onesie. Since Ive been commissioned to make a bunch of bowties recently for weddings, I thought Id do the same for him.


Doesnt he look dapper and festive?

I want to feature these on Etsy, but I need to find an easier way to fasten them. Maybe with velcro? I dont know, but the snaps are kind of like hanging a shelf… measurement is key and thats a little too much for me. Plus, Im terrible at hand sewing!

And here is festive Bry all the way from her dads in GA enjoying Americas Birthday


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth!


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