A Bridal Shower Gift & Handmade Baby Leg Warmers

Yesterday I attended a lovely Bridal shower honoring one of my good friends Ashley {I love that we have the same name!}. She had the shower at one of the houses on a large and gorgeous property just outside of town – she will be getting married on said property in just a few weeks!

I love giving gifts, especially when they’re handmade and since Ashley can appreciate a handmade gift, that is exactly what she got!

One of the gifts I made was a matching ‘his’ & ‘hers’ zippered travel bag. I took those shoe bags that you get when you purchase a pair of Toms, cut two of them in half, added a zipper to each one and viola! Zippered travel cases for the bride and groom!

I am absolutely in love with these! If anyone has any of these Toms shoe bags lying around that they’re not going to use, I’d love to take them off your hands!

I also made the bride and groom a set of pillow slipcovers.

The two ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ covers are 12×12 and the ‘and’ is 10×10. She just texted me today and said that her Auntie is going to make pillows for them for her! I’m so glad she will because every craft store {like we have a lot around here… not} were out of those sizes!!

The letters, mustache, and flower I ironed on using Wonder Under and the cases are made out of muslin. I totally love these and am a little jealous of them, haha. Ashley, you better send me a photo of them set up in your guys’ new house after the honeymoon!

I like to go in Instagram and look through the tagged photos ‘handmade’. I’ve come across some really awesome things and have found some great blogs to follow in doing that. One person that I came across made the cutest cloth diapers so I started following her. She has the cutest photos of her baby on there! Anyway, she posted a series of photos on how to make baby leg warmers out of knee socks that looked amazing. I have tons of knee socks that I don’t wear, most I’ve never worn, so I grabbed a pair that were rejected by my daughter when I tried to shove them off on her and looked up the tutorial. Just about one of the easiest things that I have ever made.

Socks! Turned into..

Holy macaroni thats just about the cutest thing ever! Maybe I should have dressed him in some pink to match?

Yup, if I had a girl she would be wearing these all of the time. Even in 100 degree weather.. they would just be the only thing she would wear!

I have about 5 more pairs of knee socks so I plan on making more and listing them on Etsy once I get the baby shop up and running.

If you’d like to see the tutorial on these, check it out on Diaper Stash on Tumblr.

For a tutorial on how to make envelope pillow covers, click on my Tutorials section at the top of my blog.


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