Fabric Covered Book | Tutorial

As promised, {and two days late} here is the tutorial!

Heres what you’ll need:

a book

a piece of scrap fabric big enough to wrap around book

spray adhesive {i used elmers brand and it has worked just fine. you can find it at any craft or hardware store}

scissors {that you don’t mind getting sticky with glue}

{yes, i covered up a barlow girl journal. good memories from that show!}


Before you start, please be sure you’re in a place where you can use the spray adhesive like outside or on a work table in the garage. Also, iron your fabric beforehand so that you won’t end up with ripples afterward.

Take your fabric and lay it wrong side up

Place book on top of it and trim leaving at least an inch and a half around

Cut each corner off so that the fabric will fold over book and not overlap

Spray the adhesive on the wrong side of your fabric and on the outside of each cover – be sure to get the binding too!

{see, the outside of the barlow girls book was damaged anyway so i had to cover it!}

With the book closed, place the back cover on top of the fabric and press down, smoothing out any ripples that occur

Flip the book over to the other side making sure you touch the binding to the fabric

Press down and smooth out any ripples

Cut slits at the binding {I forgot to take a pic of this at the time so this is after the fabric has been wrapped around the covers}

Wrap fabric around cover pulling taught

Push fabric into slots on binding to hide it for a clean look

Extra Step

The book I chose had blank pages at the front in black so I sprayed the pages facing the covers, as well as the covers, and pressed them down for a clean look on the inside covers. If you’re book has that you can do that as well. Otherwise you can use card stock or scrapbook paper.

Cut paper to size

Spray the backside of each paper as well as the inside cover

Press paper onto inside cover, smoothing out any ripples

Now you have a fantastic fabric covered book to display in your home, give as a gift, or use daily! Best thing about it is it’s totally your own!

If you attempted this project, please send me photos! I would love to blog ’em!

willow.little {at} gmail {dot} com


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