Cloth Diaper Journey

I am a pretty eco friendly gal. I recycle. I love live plants, I use unpaper towels, I believe in organic products, and I hate waste. Having a baby brings ton of waste. Like mountains of it. And it breaks my heart.

I was always so intimidated by cloth diapers. I felt it was so complicated. So much work. And maybe for some it is. Maybe a full-time working mom can’t fit it into the day or find a sitter who is willing. Maybe some people think its gross. Whatever their reasons, it’s okay. But I found myself shedding a tear every time I pushed that dirty disposable dipe down the diaper pail chute. And I would like a change.

Plus, who can resist those adorable patterns?

{Photo courtesy of Jelliban Journals}

A friend of ours gave us two small gDiapers and a bunch of disposable inserts. We tried them and they’re amazing! Less the disposable inserts. So I made my own!

Basically three layers of microfiber sandwiched between organic cotton. Love them! And very inexpensive to make, too.

My friend was over and had some medium pocket diaper cut outs so we sat down together and sewed them. She did one and I did most of the other.

What a cutie.

It was really pretty simple to make, just a lot of steps. I won’t be making my own, but luckily one of my other friends has a site where she sells cloth diapers so I purchased four from her the other day. I don’t have much of a stock yet; two gDiapers and six pocket diapers plus 20 inserts and about 60 cloth wipes {I went a little crazy making the wipes lol}. But Im building my stash and getting the hang of this cloth diapering business – finding what works best for us and baby and learning along the way. I’d really like to thank Cora, Jasmine, and mammas on Instagram who have given me great information, tips, advice, and links to help me along the way.

Just trying to save the world, yah know.. one less disposable diaper at a time.


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