Wetbags Galore

Since I’m easing my way into the world of cloth diapering I decided it was time to make me some wetbags + one for the unpaper towels in our kitchen.

1. I made this one for Oliver’s nursery to hang by his changing table. At the end of the day {or when full} I plan to dump the dipes in a designated pail in the garage next to the washer then wash the bag with the diapers every two days.

2. I decided to make a hanging one for our kitchen since we use cloth napkins and unpaper towels {well any kitchen towel for that matter}. We can just throw them in the bag and put them in the wash once a week.

3. I need one for my diaper bag. Even though we are not cloth diapering full time quite yet {still need to build my stash}, when I am out and need to change his diaper I can just put the dirty disposable or cloth one in there until I get home. I hate using those plastic Arm & Hammer bags! Even though they do smell nice.

Im slowly getting there in this cloth diapering movement. I ordered some hemp fleece from Etsy tonight and plan on making about 10 inserts for the gDiapers out of those. There is no sense in us not cloth diapering full time with those gDiapers but the fact that we don’t have any usable inserts are slowing us down. The only inserts we have are microfiber and thats a big no no for baby bum. We currently have 9 pocket dipes and 2 gDiapers plus LOADS of cloth wipes. I placed an order for 3 Alva pockets diapers from Fluffybug Cloth Diapers so I am excited to get those in the mail! That will put us at halfway there for the amount I want in my stash as far as pockets go. Slowly. Slowly. Slow.

It’s expensive!

{But we will be saving hundreds!}


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